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How to Get More SMS Subscribers

Posted by Jason Park on Mar 02, 2022

Learn how you can get quality new leads, not just quantity, in order to make your SMS texting campaigns more engaging and exciting. 

Customer sign-ups are the fuel that keep SMS texting going strong. Every successful marketing campaign needs constant communication happening between workers and consumers in order to stay thriving. That is why if you are choosing to use SMS texting with your company, you need successful ways to maintain and gain new leads.


What you are not looking for are people who are half-heartedly interested in your company and your messages at best. What a lot of companies and employees try to do is to collect as many new leads as possible in order to meet their metrics or quotas in order to look good. Instead, you should be looking for people who you know will be committed to your brand and actually are open to being converted into meaningful action. 


Here are some ways that you can make sure to collect as many meaningful new leads as possible:


  • Have a clear call to action: make sure that subscribers know what you are offering before they start signing up for your messages. This is vital when you are looking to get the highest rate of retention and engagement. 


  • Offer incentives that will entice subscribers: the key to providing good incentives is to know that there are more offers than just monetary gifts. Offer exclusive features to your service, exclusive consultations, or other creative incentives that won’t require you to just throw money at the problem every time. 


  • Broadcast your keyword everywhere: This keyword should be available via every platform that you can think of. Whether it is an online signup page, social media post, or physically, make sure that people have as much exposure to your campaign as possible. 


  • Give the people what they want: This can be simply done by asking a question - Trumpia is two-way text-enabled, meaning you can have contacts text you back. Ask them what they want to see from future products or your service in order to improve upon the quality of the product.


All in all, the best way to grow your subscriber list is to show that you care about the contact. They want to know that you care for them and that you are working to improve their experience. Because at the end of the day, people want to support other people, not another business. Find out ways that Trumpia can also support you through our dedicated support team as well! We are for our clients and in watching them succeed!

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