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SMS Texting for Political Marketing

Posted by Jason Park on Mar 08, 2022

SMS texting for political campaigns can help boost exposure and get out the vote.

Thanks to technology, there are so many people within the modern age that are in touch with politics and current events. Now, at the tip of our fingers, people have access to all the news and updates that they want. This can be both good and bad, depending on how accurate and ethical these politicians are when building out their platforms.


That's why politicians need to take advantage of all the ways that they can market their political campaigns and get as many new supporters as possible. The best way that they can accomplish this is through having an omnichannel marketing approach. This means utilizing social media, email, pamphlets, and SMS texting to build out robust streams of communication.


How can SMS texting help you and your political platform grow? With SMS texting, unlike the other streams of communication mentioned above, you have access to so many features that are all meant to serve you. A great example is Trumpia's SMS automation tools, which help set your messaging paths on autopilot. You can choose to preschedule messages, send messages repeatedly through set time intervals, or create messaging triggers depending on an action that your contacts take.


Utilizing these key features, you are able to accomplish the following tasks for your political campaign:


  • Send voting reminders
  • Event alerts and sign-ups
  • Answer questions through two-way texting
  • Organize and contact staff/volunteers 
  • Send educational information
  • Collect new followers through text keyword technology.


Using SMS Texting, you can ensure that you and your political team not only get more national attention but increase the chances that you can win. After all, the key to any successful campaign is clear and effective communication. If you are curious to learn more about how SMS texting can serve you, read about all of our features right here!

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