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SMS Texting for Shift Management

Posted by Jason Park on Sep 10, 2021


Searching for a way to make your shift management systems more efficient? SMS texting is the perfect solution.

As any manager can attest, managers wear many hats and are responsible for various team members, projects, and tasks. As a manager, you do not want to waste time when handling logistical tasks that feel like you are wasting your time and energy on. One of the most time consuming tasks that managers have to complete on a weekly basis is shift management. From scheduling time to address concerns to managing multiple employee shifts managers need a reliable and efficient form of communication to meet their goals. 


If you are a manager reading this, you may know the feeling that comes with  last minute cancellations and call outs–leaving a shift completely hanging. Or you may also know what it’s like to ask people for their availability and be left on read, causing you to scramble to create the schedule. What so many teams and departments need is a new way of being able to communicate their schedules. Because if we’re honest, traditional scheduling methods and softwares are not able to meet all of the needs of many companies. 


That’s where SMS texting comes in. Boasting a read and open rate of 97%, SMS texts nearly guarantee that contacts are not only receiving text messages, but are also engaging with it and reading it. Why? It’s because text messaging is an easy form of communication. Everyone is using it already and does not feel overwhelmed compared to other forms of communication like email. We highly recommend integrating SMS texting with your company today in order to streamline your scheduling processes!


Here is how you can get started:


Create a dedicated keyword for your department

One of the benefits of SMS texting is that you can organize your messages into separate distribution lists that you designate. For example, you can choose to organize the messages you receive by department, allowing you to organize schedules easily. Simply have your employees text a keyword to a dedicated number in order for them to get started in their scheduling processes.


Take advantage of two way texting

Trumpia is not just a one way form of communication - we also allow our contacts to send messages to us as well! Every week, you can automate a pre-scheduled message that reminds your employees to send their schedules for the week. You can also stress the importance of sending their schedules by the deadline that you set - otherwise, they will be scheduled accordingly. 


Send out shift requests!

If you see that there are multiple shifts that need to be filled after creating your schedule, you can simply send out a mass text asking for people to fill it! If you create incentives such as bonus pay for taking the shift, people are more inclined to want to fill the shift. This is a great way for you to help ensure that shifts are being filled out immediately by receiving faster responses.


Utilize integrations that are available

Finally, if you really like an external scheduling software, we recommend integrating that with Trumpia! We already provide so many excellent integrations and partnerships with companies like Google suite. Connect your Google calendar or Google forms in order to start collecting data on your contacts! You can also include links to any other software you want within your texts. Regardless, you should use SMS texting in order to supplement and guarantee that people are filling out these forms. 


Start using Trumpia today in order to save valuable time and effort when managing your company’s shifts. If you have any questions, contact us and request a free demo today!

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