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Travel Agencies Are Using SMS Marketing to Promote and Book Flights

Posted by Jason Park on Jul 21, 2021


With the world opening back up after COVID-19 restrictions lifting, traveling has been undoubtedly exploding. With the sudden surge in traveling, the need for effective and quick communication has become crucial. 

The reality is this: communicating with airlines has historically been a nightmare, and it is going to get harder with the growing demand, travel restrictions, and safety procedures. Trumpia’s SMS texting software is the best solution to the needs of many travel agencies and airlines. 

Here’s why:

  • SMS texting provides a multifaceted solution for airlines - you can use SMS texting for your marketing, updates, and even providing the best promotions and deals. 
  • SMS texting has the capability of sending mass messages quickly, and has an average open rate of 98%. 
  • SMS texting is a cheaper alternative compared to other forms of communication and is more effective, especially because everyone has phones in the modern age.
  • SMS texting also has one to one texting capabilities, which can be useful in many different scenarios. 

Not completely sold? Here are some of the top use cases you can start implementing into your marketing strategy today in order to increase flight sales while keeping customers happy:

Confirm bookings

Sending a quick booking confirmation helps make everything organized while ensuring that there are no logistical issues in the future. The appeal of these messages is that they can be automated–which means that you can also send reminders closer to the flight. Set up a one time message that includes essential information on their flight like their time and amount paid in order to avoid any confusion in the future. 

Send quick flight updates

One of the most annoying experiences at any airport is when you get to your flight only to find out that there was a delay, layover, or even cancellation due to unforeseen conditions. Even if you did send a notification, if you sent it via email, chances are your customers won’t see it in time. SMS texting can be an excellent solution in order to notify customers immediately. Save you and your airline from angry customers by sending one quick message. 

Provide exclusive deals

Everyone loves a good deal, especially if it is a free or discounted flight. Let’s face it, everyone loves traveling, and some just need a slight incentive in order to take the plunge and buy tickets. Providing periodic discounts, especially to destinations that are extremely popular, can lead to a boom in revenue. Take advantage of our MMS capabilities by sending these discounts in a fun and creative way through images, video, or even a QR code that leads to their discount. 

You can also target certain customers in order to ensure that conversion rates are high. For example, if you are trying to reach a younger audience like college students who are going to spring break, you can simply ask a question to this specific demographic in order to gain more information about them. If you learn that most college students would want to travel to Florida, you can send them targeted and related deals that will appeal to them.

Send boarding passes

Boarding passes are already becoming more and more integrated with cell phones. With an iPhone, you can already have a copy of your boarding pass saved into your virtual wallet. However, a lot of people have difficulty setting that up, especially to those that are not as technologically savvy. Sending a picture copy of their boarding pass via text with a trackable and secure ticket can save the customer and the airline valuable time in the booking process. 

Address customer feedback and questions

Gaining feedback is essential for any company that wants to build credibility and trust with their clientele–and SMS texting makes collecting feedback easy. Simply ask a question to your subscribers and even provide incentives in order to have them fill out survey questionnaires. This is an excellent opportunity for branching automation. Depending on how subscribers respond to your question, you can take them through different messaging paths that are triggered by their response. If you see that they are very pleased with your service, have them fill out a separate feedback form that you can link to the message. However, if they respond negatively, you can ask them for feedback or ways in which you can improve.

Create customer loyalty programs

Oftentimes, airlines are going to have customers that are loyal to you and your service. These people should be rewarded through incentives and awards for continuing business with you and your airline. Furthermore, loyalty programs can increase customer loyalty for new potential subscribers too. Use SMS texting in order to award special offers after a customer completes a certain amount of miles or actions that you predetermine.

If you have any questions, call us to speak to an expert and learn more about Trumpia today!

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