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SMS Texting For Unions

Posted by Jason Park on Sep 22, 2021


Unions rely on excellent communication and gatherings. Use Trumpia today and watch your union's attendance rates soar.

Unions are the backbone of the workforce right now for the working class. And what keeps every union together is that they rely on good communication in order to push their agenda. Without it, they are unable to receive the rights and proper conditions that they deserve. Therefore, in order to make a collective stand, unions need to be able to meet together and collaborate in order to make their voices feel heard.


That is why unions like the Pasco Fire Department are using Trumpia today for their union’s communication needs. They found that by using our SMS texting software, they were able to boost union membership through easy contact collection. However, we offer so much more than just contact collection. Here is a comprehensive list of all of the features that your union can use:


  • Ability to boost union membership 
  • Easy contact collection through mobile keywords
  • Automate messages and reminders by pre-scheduling them. 
  • Integrate our SMS texting software with other applications like scheduling softwares
  • Use our Smart Targeting tools to find out which contacts are not staying engaged
  • Capture meaningful data on your contacts by asking questions - use this information for future campaigns!
  • Text-enable your landline phone number so members can ask their questions without calling and being put on hold.
  • Gain feedback through SMS surveys and see how you can improve your future campaigns!


Why should you use SMS Texting compared to other forms of communication? Nothing can compare to the power and reliability of SMS texting. If you don’t believe us, read all of our different case studies here or our collateral on our homepage! Believe the words of so many people that have tried our product and have loved it. If you still have questions, feel free to read some of the most commonly asked questions or request a demo now!

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