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Social Media and SMS Texting

Posted by Jason Park on Jan 12, 2022

Social media is the future of marketing and it's possibilities are endless - combine social media marketing with your SMS marketing in order to see the best results!

Is Social Media Effective?

That’s the big question we all ask ourselves when we are deciding whether or not we should start integrating social media with our marketing program. And the answer is, you need to be on these major social media platforms if you want to stand a chance in the current marketing climate where so many competitors are demanding the attention of the public.


Check out some of these monumental statistics when it comes to social media marketing:

  • 4.5 BILLION people are actively using social media (Kepios)
  • An average person spends 2 and a half hours on social media and messaging (GlobalWebIndex)
  • 83% of people use Instagram to discover new products and services while 87% of those people completed a certain call to action such as making a purchase (Facebook for Business)


These are highly indicative of statistics that prove how effective social media marketing is. Because the reality is, social media is how the modern world and this current generation chooses to connect and communicate with other people. And because of that, it is the perfect medium for companies to use to showcase their products and services. With such high traffic and constant lead generation, you can create enticing and creative content including pictures and videos in order to generate interest among people who are looking for something specific.

This is also where SMS texting technology can come in handy. Rather than sending MMS content just exclusively through texts, we highly recommend linking a social media post that they can go check out. This ensures even higher rates of engagement and click-through rates. Make sure that in your posts, you have all of the necessary information and call to action that your subscribers can automatically capitalize on. 


We also offer the ability to automate messages so that you don’t have to manually send messages each time that a social media post goes up. If your company’s marketing team follows a schedule, we highly recommend setting up a recurring message that reminds them to check out the post. You can even choose to stagger the message to send a couple of days after the post goes up in order to maximize exposure. 

Check out our very own Instagram account that you can use in order to see all of the new happenings and updates with our company. Follow us as we begin to innovate and improve our software for this upcoming 2022 new year. 

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