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Professional Text Message Examples

Posted by Jason Park on Jan 21, 2022

Use these templates and examples in order to build a warm, yet professional brand voice in your SMS texts.

In a lot of our featured blogs that feature our software, we talk about the importance of being friendly and consistent - in fact, building a relationship with your contacts is the number one priority. However, another underrated skill of SMS texting is the ability to send professional text messages, which in the right context, help build brand reputation and credibility.  


No one wants to text a company that they feel like they cannot trust. In fact, people want to know that the product and service they are engaging with is solid and fool proof. Otherwise, receiving messages from a company that you struggle to take seriously can make you feel nervous about the things they offer. 


Sending professional text messages also does not mean being cold and distant. There is a way to show your professionalism while still being warm and inviting. Check out these templates and examples that you can start copying right away in order to implement into your campaigns today:


Business Messages


  • “Happy Valentine's Day! We are giving 20% off all of our products for this weekend so that you can celebrate with you and your loved ones.”


  • “Receive one free coupon today by signing up for our rewards program! 10 purchases of $5 and more count as one point!”


  • “We are offering COVID-19 exclusive housing prices! One month of free rent if you sign up today!”


  • “Thank you for checking out our service! Our rates start at just $20 an hour for an all inclusive package!”


  • “Hello, we noticed that you still have [insert item] in your cart. Would you like to complete your purchase?”


What do all of these messages have in common? They all have a clear call to action, purpose, and easy to remember message. Make sure you are incorporating all of this while showcasing your product or service. Let’s keep looking at examples


Communication Texts


  • “Thank you for contacting us, we will get back to you within the next couple of hours!”


  • “Your interview has been confirmed for [insert time and date]. We look forward to seeing you!”


  • “We saw your resume and profile and we thought that you are a good match for our company. Check out this link in order to schedule an interview!”


  • “Thank you for your purchase! We have received your payment, and your order is scheduled for delivery on [insert date]”


  • “Remember, we have our staff holiday party tomorrow at 7pm! Please come in semi-formal attire!”


These examples and templates of professional messages are excellent examples not just because of the content, but because of the language and word choice that is contained in the message. Pay attention to your overall voice and presentation your company has. This will change and shape the way your messages are formed. In general, avoid being too casual by not using slang words. 


For more help in building your SMS campaigns, check out our industry specific resources here!

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