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The Perfect Alternative to Tropo: Trumpia!

Posted by Justin McIntire on Oct 12, 2018

Tropo Alternative is Trumpia


With Tropo’s API winding down operations starting this month, a lot of customers are anxious about finding another API that can match Tropo’s functionality. Luckily, in this blog we are going to cover how Trumpia’s powerful API is a great alternative Tropo API, matching and in some cases surpassing its capabilities.

As every developer knows, APIs are the backbone of any successful application. Tropo customers are reasonably upset because it was a feature-rich API that was a easy to develop with. A discontinued API can affect businesses and developers in two ways.

1) It requires developers to rebuild operations that can be vital to the functionality of their applications.

2) It requires developers to look for alternatives that may not have the tools they need to rebuild their application correctly.

So what’s the best replacement to Tropo?

Trumpia’s API of course!

Tropo Alternative: The Trumpia API Advantage

Customers (including ex-Tropo customers) have flocked to Trumpia for our highly scalable messaging API, the foundation of which is programmable SMS. They then stay lifelong customers because of our unmatched service, time-saving productivity tools, two-way landline texting, and the choice to use other messaging channels.

Subscriber Management

With Trumpia’s API, you get powerful database management. This way, you don’t have to write code to create lists, add contacts, update them, or even do things like unsubscribe them. It’s almost like having a built-in CRM with no additional cost.

Content Collection Tools

No contact collection tool matches the power of mobile keywords. We make creating one as simple as a single function call. We even handle compliance requirements such as disclosures and opt-out footers.

Two-Factor Authentication

Quickly increase login security with our two-factor authentication tool. This secures your software or website by requiring a one-time pass code that’s either emailed or texted to users automatically.

Dedicated Short Code

Skip the long wait and processing time to acquire a dedicated short code. We can speed up the process, so you can have it up and running in just a couple of weeks.

Landline Texting

Landline texting allows you to send and receive text messages through your existing business landline number. This allows you to publish a single familiar number for customers to text and call.

Long Code

If you would like get a new phone number, our API can generate a 10-digit number for you. With this, you can text for business without using your personal mobile number.


Using our integrated solution, send messages via all popular channels, including text messaging, email, social media, and voice broadcast.

Unmatched Support

Every API customer gets free access to live support, via phone, email, or ticket. Better yet, our average response time is less than 9 minutes rather than hours or days.

Compliance Consulting

Our compliance team advises customers on current messaging laws and regulations to help them stay compliant. This includes CTIA, TCPA, and CAN-SPAM.

Enterprise Grade Reliability

Our system is backed by multiple network connections, dual data centers, active servers, and mirrored storage.

Custom Development

Our custom development team can be contracted to help you integrate our messaging API with your system for tasks. This includes:

  • Sending and receive messages (text, email, voice, and social post) from within your system
  • Data synchronization between Trumpia and your databases
  • Customizing web pages, online signup pages, templates, and forms
  • Customizing reporting to provide the data you need to maximize your ROI

Plus if you are worried that you have to rebuild from scratch, we’ve got you covered! Our code library is chock full of pre-built functions in order to save you time and get you up to speed quickly.

Are you looking to migrate over from Tropo to a new API? Click here to talk to one of our API and integration experts today!

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