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Trumpia Connect: See how Texting & Salesforce Increase Sales

Posted by Doug Frazier on Jan 23, 2018

Use Trumpia Connect To Boost Sales

Maximizing sales is an essential, but tricky endeavor for sales teams to accomplish.

Conventional methods of sales communication, such as email or phone calls, often result in leads being left in the sales funnel for too long, which depletes their chances of converting. Enable sales reps to quickly follow up with prospects and meet their sales quotas by using Trumpia Connect to automate important SMS and MMS messages.

Discover the features and benefits that make Trumpia Connect the best App in the Salesforce AppExchange for your sales team:

Key Features of Trumpia Connect

  • Text Message Inbox: Quickly manage and engage in multiple conversations using a web-based inbox.
  • Landline Texting: Use your existing business number or one of our text-enabled numbers to easily communicate with customers through text.
  • Two-Way Texting: Engage in real-time, personalized text conversations with leads directly from the Salesforce UI.
  • Automated Salesforce Workflows: Schedule automated messages to go out whenever certain conditions are met in the Salesforce platform.
  • Integrate Leads and Contacts: Utilizing the Lightning Component, you can send and receive text messages directly from the lead/contact record in the Salesforce UI.
  • Templates: Create messaging templates to save time and maintain a consistent brand image.
  • Scheduled Messages: Input messages in advance to go out at specific times.
  • Unicode and International Support: Send international characters and emojis in your messages, where available.
  • Auto Responses: Set up automatic replies for out of office messages, time sensitive events, or when you’re unavailable.
  • MMS Messaging: Deliver enticing product images or sales collateral to prospective customers directly from Salesforce.

What Distinguishes Trumpia Connect As The Superior Salesforce App

1. Fast and Simple Messaging To Conserve Crucial Time

What solidifies Trumpia Connect as the superior communications App is its ability to connect sales teams with prospects almost instantly. Playing phone tag with prospects can drive sales teams and customers crazy, with about 33% of prospects hanging up when put on hold. Emails aren’t much better, as they receive a staggeringly low response rate of 6%.

Conversely, with Trumpia Connect you’re able to connect with multiple leads simultaneously, without putting them on hold, and in the same amount of time it takes to complete a single phone call. You can send and receive text messages within your Salesforce account, which are read 98% of the time and 90% are read within 3 minutes. Texting absolutely dominates emails and phone calls, as they can be read and responded to on the go and at anytime.

2. Create A Personal Connection With Your Audience

In addition to being fast and simple, Trumpia Connect establishes a strong connection with your prospective audience. Improving conversion rates relies mainly on your ability to quickly and personally connect with prospective customers. And the most concise way to reach any of your prospects on the go is texting, with 91% of people keep phones with them at all times.

The importance of communicating with leads through texting can’t be understated, as leads covert at a 40% higher rate when sent text messages. The concise content of texting enables sales departments to break past the clutter they normally deal with when making phone calls or sending emails. Conclusively, the simplicity of texting allows customers to respond in 90 seconds, whereas emails take them about 90 minutes.

3. Text Enabled Business Number

To further build on the personalization of your text messaging, utilize landline texting in order to text enable your business number. By allowing customers to text into your official business line, they will feel as if they are talking directly with a representative of your company, and not a machine or outsourced support line.

Studies support the use of texting when communicating with leads, as 64% of them would prefer texting a business over calling them. Additionally, Trumpia Connect can provide you with a new, text-enabled number for those that don’t have an existing business number to text enable.


4.Schedule Messages For Precise Communication

While the number you’re delivering your messages from is influential, timing is equally important when sending a text message. Giving your customer the right messages at the right time will deliver the biggest impact, which is why you should schedule text messages ahead of time. Now, you won’t have to worry about stopping your day to create and send out messages to customer last minute.


5. Harness The Power of Automation For Time Sensitive Events

A monumental feature that even outshines manually scheduling messages is Trumpia Connect’s ability to automatically schedule them for you. Through Automated Salesforce Workflows, your sales team is able to save precious time by having texts sent automatically whenever certain conditions are met in Salesforce.

With the mobile messaging solution, you won’t miss a beat when guiding your prospect through the sales process. For example, if a prospect texts for product details, normally they would have to wait for a sales rep to manually reply. But with Trumpia Connect, within seconds they receive a descriptive SMS or MMS with all the essential information. Texting has a 750% higher response rate than email, which will result in more leads reaching the bottom of the sales funnel.


6. Salesforce Integration and Optimization

Along with Salesforce Automated Workflows, Trumpia Connect additionally gives you a full range of compatibility with Salesforce1™ Mobile App and the new Salesforce Lightning Experience.

For those of you looking for the best App in the Salesforce AppExchange to provide for your sales team, go with Trumpia Connect to automate how your sales reps follow up with valuable prospects. Visit Trumpia Connect in the Salesforce AppExchange to get a full rundown of benefits, features, and pricing.


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