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Trumpia Mobile Minute: Mobile Keywords Matter For Business

Posted by Sarah Mendoza on Nov 10, 2017
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Hey everyone! Sarah Mendoza here. On today’s Trumpia Mobile Minute, I’m going to talk to you guys about mobile keywords, what they do, and why you need to be using them in your marketing campaigns. Plus we cover how SMS keywords can help engage your audience by setting up auto-responses and data capture so you can gather more information on your contacts in order to send them more well targeted messages.



Mobile keywords allow you to collect opt-in mobile numbers automatically so you can add those contacts to a distribution list and then send them content, links, or messages. This allows you to grow your subscriber base quickly and stay in compliance with messaging laws.


Since it is a single memorable word, text message keywords make it easy for you to establish two-way communications for important messages and marketing offers. Also make sure you include your keyword and shortcode in advertisements, brochures, or in-store posters to maximize your reach and get the highest number of contacts possible. And this allows you to engage your audience while they are on the go, and with the 98% read rate of texting, you can be sure your content gets seen!


Don't forget, text VLOG to the number 76000 to see how mobile keyword work and get connected with Sarah or another one of our mobile experts today!

Topics: mobile keywords, vlog

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