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Trumpia's Marketing Automation (Part 1): Features Spotlight

Posted by Justin McIntire on Jun 28, 2018

Trumpia's Marketing Automation Part 1


Marketing Automation is taking over the business world because more and more companies are realizing the power of saving their employees’ time. Whether it’s reducing chores like sending a payment reminder or answering a frequently asked customer question automatically, Trumpia's automation has a proven track record of increasing operational efficiency.


Trumpia's core features include mass texting, mobile keywords, MMS, automated reminders, landline texting, and other popular functions, but what makes Trumpia the most complete SMS solution for business is our unique combination of smart targeting and advanced automation.


In this first part of our SMS Marketing Automation blog series, we are going to cover some of our most powerful automation features and how they can help your business. Next week, we’ll cover how different specific industries could benefit from these features.

Smart Targeting

In order to stand out from the crowd, it’s increasingly important to cater to your customers’ growing desire for more personalized and relevant messages. Our Smart Targeting lets you sort contacts into separate distribution groups based on any criteria you want, from customer demographics and specific interests to their behavior. This allows you to only send tailored messages to your customers, and it reduces the headache of sorting them yourself, saving you time and boosting your company’s brand.

Dynamic Targets

Trumpia’s Dynamic Targets help you keep your filtered distribution lists organized in real time as they update automatically whenever a new contact is added or an existing one is updated. This saves you the pain of having to manually update your distribution lists when a new customer joins. For example, when a customer clicks on a link for a summer sale or redeems a coupon, their profile is automatically added to the “Deal Seeker” list. Then, further sort those who earned more than 10 loyalty points into a “VIP” group to better target a 20% off coupon to drive them to spend more.

Auto Campaigns

Trumpia’s Auto Campaign feature allows you to set your campaigns on autopilot. The software automatically carries out predetermined tasks for you whenever a specified trigger or condition is met. This is perfect for things like sending a reminder a week after sending a form to those who haven’t completed it yet, send a more enticing coupon to customers who haven’t used an initial coupon, or simply send a birthday offer a week before the customer’s big day.

Interactive Text Response (ITR)

Our ITR system can automatically branch incoming text inquiries down messaging trees based on how they respond to your texts. This allows you to answer common questions and send customers to the correct information or links without tying up your employees on the phone.

Site & Event Tracking

Our Site Tracking feature allows you to tell when a contact has visited certain web pages, or performed a specific action on your website. You can then use this information to segment your audience and target them based on what web pages they’ve visited. For instance, you can send a follow up message to a customer who has clicked on your pricing page, but a different message to a customer who has visited your tutorial videos.

Click-Through Tracking

This handy tool lets you embed links into your texts and emails. Trumpia then automatically tracks who did or didn’t click on which links, letting you use this information to better target your next round of messages. For example, send an announcement for a new sneaker release, and then a special 20% off coupon to only those who clicked on the link.

Lead Scoring

One of our newest features is Lead Scoring. This enables our software to automatically assign scores to your contacts based on behavior and interactions they take within the system. This means your most qualified leads will receive the highest scores, helping you to determine who to target the most. You choose which actions accrue how many points, and can even have an auto-campaign initiated when someone hits a certain score.


What truly makes Trumpia’s automation suite powerful is how all of these features can interact with one another to fully automate how you engage with your subscribers. Launch an auto campaign when a lead hits a certain score, or filter contacts with Smart Targeting based on Site Tracking data. The possibilities are endless.


Next week, part 2 of our Automation series will explore how different specific industries could benefit from these features. We’ll have concrete examples for retailers, schools, nonprofits, and many many more. You don’t want to miss it.


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