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Trumpia’s SMS Automation Just Got Even Better!

Posted by Justin McIntire on Mar 06, 2018

Trumpia SMS Automation New Updates

Trumpia is a continuously innovating company, always striving to provide our users with the most technologically advanced software possible. In this vein, we are proud to announce that our most recent patch included two of our latest updates, which were designed to make your campaigns more effective. Named Auto Campaign Suggestions and Site Tracking, these two make our industry-leading SMS automation even more powerful and easy-to-use.

Before we get into our newest updates however, let’s first go over what an Auto Campaign is and how it works. This will help you better understand how the new features fit in.

What is an SMS Auto Campaign?

One of the ways Trumpia distinguishes itself from ordinary and simple mass text blasting systems is through our advanced automation features. Trumpia’s customizable Auto Campaigns let you automate interactions between your organization and subscribers. It does this by automatically triggering predetermined tasks whenever a specified condition is met. Essentially, whenever A occurs, B is automatically sent off. An auto campaign can be a simple single interaction, or branch off into a complex workflow with many paths that react to your subscriber’s actions. Each step is customizable, making it a great tool to fit your needs. Here are some common examples to better illustrate this feature:


  • Send a text reminder a week after sending a form to those who haven’t completed it yet.
  • Send a more relevant or enticing coupon a week after the previous one expires, driving up revenue and getting more customers in your stores without lifting a finger.
  • Operate a completely automated text-response system, similar to phone services where you press 1-8 to navigate through a menu and receive the desired information. But unlike with phone services, Trumpia enables you to send links, pictures, and more through texting.

Auto Campaigns is great because once you have customized and tuned your text message campaign to your liking, it does all the work for you.

So what are our new features?

Site Tracking

The first addition to our powerful analytics and marketing automation features is called Site Tracking! Site Tracking allows you to collect more information by tracking when a contact has visited your web pages, or performed a specific action on your website. You can use this information to create filtered lists, so you can send them more relevant information. For example, make a list of all the contacts who visit your page detailing an upcoming product, so you can text them all when the product finally gets released. This will drive initial sales and create demand.

Site Tracking can also act as a brand new trigger to auto-campaigns. For example, you can kick off a campaign after someone makes a donation to send them a text like “Thank you!”. You could even then set our system to ask for another future donation after any amount of time you choose.

In addition, Site Tracking will now provide reports to show key web statistics and click through rates for your web pages. Some examples of statistics you can see are page views from subscribers or unique visitor tracking, giving you greater insight to your customer activities and giving you more actionable information to better segment and send targeted messages to your audience down the line. You can also see what kind of designs are attracting customers, and which ones are failing to do so.

Campaign Suggestions

Our second update is Campaign Suggestions. This new tool will provide you with suggestions for improving your auto campaigns based on what has worked for our users. Our software automatically and anonymously collects the data and analyzes it so you can get concrete advice. We can even parse out information from other companies in your specific industry, so you can get more targeted and focused data. That means if you’re a restaurant, you won’t be getting suggestions based on data from non profit organizations. And the best part of this update? The Campaign Suggestions will only continue to get better and smarter as more user data is collected.

Our Text Automation Updates In Action

HR Departments have a lot on their plate already. So worrying about whether or not employees are actually reading their important messages about benefits updates or policy changes can be a real headache. With Trumpia’s Auto Campaigns, an HR rep could automate answering common questions from employees.


  1. They could first post signs around the office and on their door to text their mobile keyword “HRHelp” when an employee has a question.
  2. When the employee does so, they would automatically be sent a text saying, “Reply back if you want more information about: A) 401 K information B) Gym Activities C) Lunch Options D) Child Care E) PTO. Please reply with only the letter”.
  3. If the employee texts in “B”, they could then be asked if they want to know about A) Pickup Basketball B) Gym Discounts C) Group Cycling D) Yoga Lessons
  4. Based on their answer the employee would then be automatically sent the relevant information. They could even be sent a link to the activity’s schedule or signup page.

If any of your employees texted in but then never followed through on your helpful links, our system would even be able to send them reminders. So if they were interested in benefits information but got busy, they will be reminded automatically a day, a week, or even a month later. This makes your HR department’s job much easier, saving them from having to track down busy employees and allowing them to see much more engagement.

Once your campaign has been been successfully completed, we anonymize the data and then apply that information to our users’ future campaigns. This means that for every successful campaign that our customers create, our customers will see the benefits and learn what worked about those campaigns. This will benefit all of our users, and we are excited to see what our users can do with this information in order to meet their business goals!

For any questions or to learn more, please contact us at Support@Trumpia.com, or click here!


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