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Understanding Two-Way SMS Marketing

Posted by Trumpia on Jul 12, 2021

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Check out this blog to better understand two-way SMS marketing and all of its business benefits.

The traditional approach to B2C marketing involves the business marketing directly to the consumer. This seems logical, but what if there was a way to make marketing more interactive, more inclusive, and more engaging for both businesses and customers alike? The good news is that there is. Two-way SMS marketing takes one-way marketing automation and steps it up a notch. With two-way SMS marketing, businesses across all industries can greatly reduce customer acquisition costs and see a greater return on investment.

What is Two-Way SMS Marketing?

Two-Way SMS Marketing takes customer feedback and involvement to a whole new level. Instead of keeping a brand, company, or business at a distance, two-way SMS encourages interaction. Being able to communicate with brands means companies can gain invaluable insight into how their customers shop or use their services, how they make decisions, and how processes can be improved. Two-way SMS chats can be automated, semi-automated, or completely interactive depending on the company’s preferences and time constraints. 

What Types of Businesses Use Two-Way SMS Marketing?

Almost any type of business can use two-way SMS marketing as part of its digital marketing strategy. E-commerce companies find SMS messaging and features to be especially useful when fielding questions from customers about products, shipments, and deliveries. The food service industry also often uses two-way SMS marketing as part of its follow-up procedures. For example, customers who dine at an establishment or order food from a restaurant may receive a text message confirming their order or reservation. They can also be sent a text afterward automatically to evaluate their experience. These small touches make a big difference in an overall marketing strategy.

How Can Two-Way SMS Messaging Lead to More Engagement?

Customer satisfaction, customer engagement, and a company’s reputation have the potential to skyrocket with a successful two-way SMS marketing campaign. The key to driving customer retention is identifying areas of success as well as roadblocks. Two-Way SMS for customer satisfaction can be measured with specific metrics (i.e., customer satisfaction ratings on a scale of 1-5) or in a more generalized format. 

While positive feedback is always appreciated, negative responses can also be instrumental in long-term success. Following up with customers who were dissatisfied with their experience is one of the quickest ways to alleviate the risk of them leaving bad reviews. Additionally, offering customers a solution to their potentially negative experience may be just what is needed to turn them from one-offs to returning customers. Not only will this build engagement, but it may also promote brand loyalty.

With Trumpia, you can even carry out these 2-way text conversations automatically. So, you could ask the customer to rate their experience between 1-5. If they say anything below a 3, you could automatically tell them that a rep would be reaching out so they can tell them what went wrong. But if they respond with a 4 or 5, you could have our system automatically send them a link to your Yelp or product review page.

If you are interested in learning more about how two-way SMS Marketing can be effective for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Trumpia! We will get you set up with the right solution to help build up your business and develop your SMS marketing strategy. Find out more today! 

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