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Vlog 4: Difference Between SMS Short Code vs. Long Code

Posted by Sarah Mendoza on Nov 03, 2017
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Hey everyone, it’s Sarah Mendoza back with another Trumpia Vlog! Today I’m going to be going over the difference between an SMS short code and an SMS long code!



A short code is a 5 or 6 digit number that customers can text a mobile keyword to and they will opt themselves into receiving messages. The advantages of short codes are that they can be used for marketing messages to your subscribers, they can send hundreds of messages a minutes, and they are short and easy to remember for your customers.


Short codes are generally shared to save on cost, but if you buy a dedicated short code you can control your branding and you will not be restricted by what keywords are available like you would be on a shared code. The best uses of short codes are for things like messaging your entire subscriber base at once for promotions or sales, it can be used for two factor authentication and security alerts, and sending coupons that can be redeemed from a customer's phone.



A long code is a 10 digit phone number that you can use for text messaging, fax, and as a phone line. This makes it a handy one-stop shop so that your customers don't have to memorize multiple phone numbers to reach you via different methods. The advantages of having a long code is it is quick to get setup, you can receive phone calls and SMS from the same number, and you can carry out two way conversations with your customers quickly.


The drawbacks of long codes are that they have a low message throughput (about one per second), they cannot be used for marketing purposes, and the end user has to pay either data or text costs to receive them. The best uses of long codes are things like sending appointment reminders, sending critical alerts like banking or shipping confirmations, and providing one-on-one service to customers.


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