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Using SMS Texts for Weddings

Posted by Jason Park on Feb 16, 2022

Handling all of your wedding planning can be very easy if you decide to use SMS texting for all of your communication needs.

Like it or not, weddings are some of the most expensive events to ever happen in someone’s life. While weddings are undoubtedly worth every penny, people cannot deny the upfront cost of a wedding - in fact, the average cost of a wedding in 2020 alone cost around $30,000. And while some costs can be avoided all together, you can actually cut down on your expenses by adjusting some of your wedding expenses.


One of the best ways you can save money for your wedding is by sending all of your invites online instead of physically. There are so many free resources and websites nowadays that allow you to create beautiful online Evites. These Evites handle all logistical information while taking care of RSVP information. Therefore, you do not need to wait for people to send back their letters through the mail to hear if they are coming to your wedding. Instead, all they have to do is respond via the Evite.


After creating your Evite, we highly recommend reminding your audience about your wedding via text message. Why text message compared to other forms of communication? It’s because the reality is, text messages have a 97% open rate compared to other forms of communication like emails. Everyone is using their cell phones nowadays, and you can be rest assured that people will see your invite if you send it over text.


Furthermore, you can guarantee high rates of response because of two reasons: SMS texting allows you to include hyperlinks to any external website. Therefore, you can just include the link in every text message so that your contacts do not need to search for your link manually later. Secondly, you need to be using SMS texting for your wedding planning because of our advanced automation features.


You can use automation for a wide variety of use cases. Automation is very important for you as someone who is planning a wedding because our automation features allow you to send messages on autopilot, saving you valuable time. Here are some ways that you can use our automation features to save you and your fiance valuable time:


  • Send drip campaigns that regularly reminds people to RSVP
  • Send links to your registry 
  • Automatically send information to anyone that subscribes for your messages such as FAQ’s!
  • Update your guests real time in any updates on your wedding. 


Whatever you decide, one of the beauties of handling your invitations via text is also the fact that SMS texting enables two way conversations. This means that if you want, you can also have people RSVP directly via your texting campaign. You can also have them text you what menu item they want, or even if they are bringing a plus one.


Regardless, you should be using SMS texting to its fullest potential if you want to make your life as easy as possible. Learn about all of our advanced features here if you want to take your planning and communication organization to the next level.

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