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Why E-commerce Companies Need to Use Text Message Marketing

Posted by Justin McIntire on Dec 13, 2018

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Online retailers thrive during the holidays and on days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but when it comes to the rest of the year, the struggle can be real. While traditional methods like email and tv and radio ads can be effective, more and more E-commerce companies are turning to a surprisingly uncapped channel: text messaging. It’s not surprising because studies have shown that over 60% of smartphone users have made a purchase online in the past 6 months, and that number will only keep growing as more and more users turn to mobile shopping to get great deals.

Here are some reasons why E-commerce sites need to use text messaging to boost their sales all year round.

SMS is Instant

In advertising, speed is crucial. Your company can’t spend too much time making campaigns, printing material or deciding on campaign content. 90 percent of text messages are read within three minutes of delivery, and advertisers are taking advantage of the always-connected consumer by adding text messaging into their communication and advertising strategies in order to promote sales before they happen and sending reminders when the sales are live.

Customers Prefer Texting

Customers not only like getting mobile deals, they expect it. In fact, the ability to personalize texts will boost the effectiveness of your E-commerce marketing campaigns. Most buyers can’t help themselves when they encounter a great, personalized deal. Sending discounts and offers via SMS is a better way to engage customers than email, as text message offers are read almost 5 times more than email offers.

SMS Saves Time and Money

SMS’s low cost and ease of use is the reason for its popularity with e-commerce sites. Mobile customers are constantly strapped for time, and your advertising strategy requires quick, concise messages in order to be effective. To save time, money, and effort, advertisers should turn to SMS advertising in order to drive traffic to online stores during sales and and build relationships with customers.

Collecting Contacts Matters

In order to gather more contacts for your mobile campaigns, use mobile keywords to get more signups. When you display these keywords across social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you reach your existing audience and can easily turn them into your mobile messaging audience.  If you have a texting provider like Trumpia, you can then automatically ask customers questions in order to learn more about them. Then, use the data to segment your audience, customize texts that are relevant for each customer, and drive up sales year round with targeted offers.

Digital Offers Are Effective

Each year, 2.27 trillion texts are sent in the United States. If you want to make your advertising campaign effective and relevant, you’ll need to make sure it sticks out. To do so, you’ll need to send mobile coupons to get customers interested. And mobile coupons are effective too, as they  are 10 times more likely to be redeemed than paper ones.

Build Brand Awareness

The world of SMS advertising is big, and it offers great potential for E-commerce sites. Once you’ve secured your main advertisement audience, you should focus on retention. That’s why you always need to make brand awareness your goal with your customers. Similarly, you can boost subscriber retention by offering better and more personalized deals, sending MMS pictures of products to entice customers, and gather feedback from customers to improve your processes.

Find out how you can take advantage SMS texting in your mobile marketing strategy. Download our complimentary Mobile Marketing Success Kit to see how you can diversity your company's communications with existing customers and new prospects.

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