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Why SMS Is The Go-To Tool For Boosting Sales

Posted by Doug Frazier on Jan 16, 2018

Increase Sales With Texting

In the competitive environment of sales, a new strategy that can reach more customers immediately and from any location is text messaging. Nowadays, everyone is glued to their phones. 

In fact, 91% of adults keep their phones within arm’s reach at all timesThat’s why texting is shown to be a consistent communication tool for businesses to improve their sales process, increase lead generation, and ultimately close more sales, with prospects converting at a 40% higher rate when they receive text messages.


If you’re looking to give your sales team a more effective tool for generating leads and boosting sales, here are a few ways you can use SMS to optimize the sales process.


Advertise Mobile Keywords To Maximize Lead Generation

Customers today are too busy to browse local stores and often resort to buying familiar products or shopping online instead. That’s why sales teams are turning to texting as an enticing way to share their products with customers and break through these shopping barriers. By posting mobile keywords with enticing mobile coupons on social media or the company website, businesses can avoid costly print ads while getting a higher volume of opt-ins.


Furthermore, by allowing customers to view your messages from the comfort of their mobile device with minimal interruption to their day, the average opt-out rate of your mobile messaging campaigns will be around 5%. You’ll be able to effortlessly collect essential contact information, such as their name, location, or interests in order to personalize the content you send them and get far less opt-outs.


Reach 100% of Leads Through Omni-Channel Communication

Texting has an overall read rate of 98%, with 90% of messages being read within the first three minutes. With an advanced mobile messaging software like Trumpia, you can communicate across multiple channels including Facebook, Twitter, voice broadcast, SMS, MMS, and email to ensure every lead has seen your message almost instantly. This will ultimately lead to a drastic increase in your conversion rates.


Optimize Your Sales Process with Automated Messaging

Leaving prospects in the sales funnel for too long can hinder their chances of converting. To optimize your sales process, implement automated text messages to efficiently guide prospects through the sales process. From contact collection to sending them important reminders, the text messaging software can help you convert no matter where your prospects are in the sales process.


For example, if a lead joins your messaging campaign for the first time, the SMS system will automatically send them a welcome message along with the next step to guide them through the sales process.


Convert More Leads to Sales by Sharing Targeted SMS Offers

The primary objective of any sales team is to convert leads to sales, and texting provides the ultimate sales tool for enticing customers to make a purchase. Through irresistible marketing text messages, customers can receive limited-time offers that encourages them to take action. With a text messaging software, you’ll also be able to design and share coupon templates within the business to keep all promotions consistently branded.


75% of customers would like offers sent via text, but you can further increase redemption rates by utilizing the data you collected from them to create personalized mobile offers for each of your customers. Smart filters allow you to share certain offers to only specific groups of people based on criteria, such as their location, age, or gender. For example, if you have a special offer on women’s clothing, the system will share the offer with only your female audience.


Establish A Loyal Customer Base Through Mobile Loyalty Rewards

Repeat customers are the bloodline of any sales team and should be treated as such. Sign up your new customers and give thanks to your returning customers by creating a mobile loyalty program that enables customers to receive periodic offers and rewards through quick text messages. And because they can take their digital rewards wherever they go, these mobile coupons are proven to be redeemed 10x more than print coupons, resulting in boosted sales.


Two-Way Text Conversations For Optimized Sales Support

Traditionally, the most personalized communication a sales team has to offer is through a sales support phone line. But long wait-times, confusing menu options, and transferred calls has made these conversations very unpleasant for both sales teams and customers. Two-way text conversations, however, are viewed in a positive light by customers, with 64% of them preferring texting over voice calls.


Whether it’s a simple Happy Birthday message, or going in-depth on product details with a client, SMS establishes a perfect medium for exchanging meaningful and important messages. Converting leads to sales is made easy through two-way text communication, which avoids putting the customer on hold and lets them respond at their own leisure.


Trumpia Customers That Boosted Sales with SMS

Utilizing a text messaging campaign for their retail store, Attic was able to get a competitive edge and generate a month’s revenue in just three days. By posting mobile keywords on the company website and social media via Trumpia’s SMS system, they were able to drive traffic to their annual Black Friday sale and collect over 12,000 leads through mobile opt-ins. And the sales results were shown immediately, with Attic generated $20,000 in sales in just the first two hours!


Katch had the important responsibility of sending marketing messages and managing large volumes of emails on behalf of an insurance provider. Katch noticed they were being overloaded with vast amounts of emails, resulting in low response times and missed opportunities. Utilizing Trumpia’s automation tool, Katch was able to send targeted messages to the right recipients at the right time, all automatically based on gender, DOB, zip code, state of residence, household size, and lead opt-in date. With over 60 different distribution lists with 6,000 to 300,000 contacts each, Katch has seen a 15% conversion rate from all leads.


Give your sales team a much needed boost by implementing a text messaging software to increase lead generation and maximize sales. Click here to learn more about how SMS can help your sales team leave their quotas in the dust!


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