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How Staffing Agencies Can Use Trumpia Workbench

Posted by Justin McIntire on Nov 12, 2021

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Learn how Trumpia Workbench can help staffing agencies find more applicants and fill more positions.


Staffing agencies rely on a steady flow of workers in order to meet their client’s staffing needs. In order to fill this need, many staffing agencies are turning to texting in order to better communicate with potential employees and place them with companies more effectively. Trumpia Workbench is an automated workflow builder that comes with prebuilt workflows that staffing agencies can easily edit to meet their needs and automate a lot of their messaging and scheduling chores.


In this blog, we will cover a handful of our premade workflows and how staffing agencies can use them to better reach their business objectives.


Sort candidates by role and experience

This workflow allows you to sort and message candidates based on the type of work they're looking for and send targeted opportunities. This saves your staff’s time having to match resumes with job openings since our workflow can automatically take certain factors like experience and education and match opportunities with valid candidates. Since candidates stay in your database and are automatically sorted, you can also send opportunities that arise later with candidates you’ve already vetted or interviewed, leading to more applications and faster matching. Talk about a win-win!


Send interview reminders

It can be frustrating for a staffing agency to set up an interview and then have that applicant be a no-show. This workflow was created to eliminate this headache, and it couldn’t be easier! With Workbench, you can automatically send appointment reminders to applicants so they know when and where their interview is. If applicants have something come up and they need to reschedule, you can also have them text in to reschedule, leading to less time wasted.


Gain feedback to improve your processes

Once you’ve placed an employee with a job and they’ve been hired, you can trigger workflows to send surveys to those employees. This lets you learn more about what they liked and didn't like about their hiring process, allowing you to tune things to improve the experience for future applicants. With some customization, you can even tailor different workflows for both the hired worker and the organization that hired them, so you can get feedback on the hiring process from both sides, leading to better processes going forward.

These are just a few of the powerful ways you can use Trumpia Workbench for your staffing agency. Aside from these workflows, you can create your own workflows to do things like automatically sending schedules to employees, sending out benefits alerts, and carrying out recruiting processes like scheduling interviews.


Click here to see how Trumpia has helped other staffing services! Interested in Workbench? Call or text 1-888-707-3030 to talk to a Trumpia representative today!


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