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NEWS: Twilio Acquires Zipwhip, One of the U.S.' Leading Providers of Toll-Free Messaging

Posted by Jason Park on Nov 24, 2021


Twilio acquiring Zipwhip, the software that powers our landline texting, has enormous implications for the marketing world. Read about what happened recently.

There has been big news within the marketing industry amongst two major companies, Twilio and Zipwhip. However to understand what has happened, you need to first understand who and what these companies do. 


What is Zipwhip?

Zip Whip is a marketing platform that uses predominantly toll free methods in order to stream line communication. It has now been acquired by a company called Twilio, who also is using Zip Whip in order to provide a communication channel through toll free methods, which is a high engagement channel for so many businesses looking to engage with their customers. These companies combining together allows so many more opportunities because they are sharing their resources and knowledge. 

What is Twilio?

Twilio, on the other hand, is the leading cloud communications platform in the industry. They truly understand how to use messages to the fullest potential, which means that they are able to use their expertise in order to make toll free messaging even better for all different types of businesses. Twilio is known to provide affordable options that are easy to understand and adopt into existing marketing strategies.


What does this news mean?

This recent event means that landline texting capabilities can be expanded and improved upon. But what even is landline texting and why is this important? Landline texting is a feature that enables your organization to send and receive text messages via your 10 digit landline number. This is a powerful form of communication because so many consumers want to communicate with their businesses directly. Check out some statistics right here.

Compared to texting from other types of options like short or long codes, landline texting provides unique benefits. You are able to use the same number that is already text enabled, preventing you from creating confusion by alternatively using so many different numbers. You are able to provide a more convenient communication path for your customers who don’t have the time to talk or wait on hold. Finally, you can come back to missed messages later, ensuring that you are reaching every single person.


Landline texting is also a feature that Trumpia offers. If you want to learn more about our product, feel free to reach out to us now or request a free trial!

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