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Boosting Revenue During 2022 with SMS Texting

Posted by Jason Park on Jan 05, 2022

SMS texting can be the answer for you and your company during 2022 in order to maximize revenue and capitalize on new leads!

Like every new year, everyone has a long list of things that they are proud of, and subsequently a list of things that they also regret. And maybe for you and your company, you find yourself reading this blog because you have yet to start using SMS texting with your marketing program in order to boost revenue. However, lucky for you, it is not too late - 2022 is your year to start using Trumpia in order to optimize your marketing strategies. 


However, while SMS texting is one of the best tools that you and your company have at your disposal, many people are still not using it to its full potential. In order to use SMS texting to generate more leads and sales, make sure you do the following:


  • Personalize messages by using our template feature which preloads custom-made messages that you wrote. This not only saves you time, but you can even automate messages that show you care. Take the extra step by including their name, and incorporating warm and inviting language. 


  • Track data from all of your campaigns by using our tracking tools which include click-through tracking, lead scoring, and more. Our tracking tools allow you to work smart rather than just working hard - allowing you to optimize your campaigns and strategies if something is not working or can be improved upon. 


  • Automate messages, especially with leads that are close to making a deal. By integrating with other software such as Shopify, you can set up messages that are automatically sent to customers who place an item in their shopping cart. This not only reminds them of their interaction with your business but also can incentivize them to actually follow through.


These three ways are some of the best methods to help ensure lead conversions. SMS texting needs to be one of the premier tools that your company is using, especially because of our proven track record and use cases.


However, one of the best ways that you can use SMS texting for your business in this next new year is by taking an omnichannel approach - utilizing multiple streams of communication which can include email, social media, and more. Read about how you can create a multi-channel marketing platform here in order to learn and grow your business more effectively!

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