3 Ways to Convert More Leads By Texting From Within Salesforce

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Texting From Salesforce
is a contact management software that has revolutionized how we build relationships with leads. But if there’s one thing that could make it even better, it’s an effective communication tool that will allow you to instantly reach out to your contacts and make it easier to garner responses from them.

Fortunately, that’s where text messaging comes in. The way people communicate with each other is changing. Emails are frequently left unread and unnoticed. By adding texting functionality exclusively to Salesforce's lightning experience, companies can reach out to their target audience through a communication medium that they already use in their daily lives. Texting helps companies improve their:

  1. Read Rate
    We know that you spend a lot of time, energy, and resources on crafting the perfect messages to entice your leads. But they’re really not doing much if your audience does not actually see your messages. 98% of all texts are read, whereas only 22% of emails are read. So, when you need to make sure that your messages are read, texting is the perfect channel to convey your messages to your target audience. Reference the lead record in Salesforce to know when to send event reminders, payment notifications, and other alerts without ever having to leave the platform.

  2. Response Rate
    45% of all text messages get a response, compared to only 6% of emails. That’s a 7.5 times higher rate! Imagine how much easier it would be to convert your leads if 7.5 times more people actually got back to you. On top of that, if you are sending these texts from Salesforce, you can see the lead’s entire record from within the same interface, allowing you to reference that person’s contact history as you communicate with them.

  3. Conversion Rate
    Ultimately, your goal is to increase your bottom line. Prospects who are sent a text during the sales process convert at a 40% higher rate than those who are not. And with Automated Workflows via Salesforce’s Process Builder, you can convert more leads with ease as the software automatically texts leads as they move through your sales process.

These are just three examples of how combining the premier lead management software (Salesforce) with the premier communication channel (texting) can get you amazing results. Trumpia has developed a new product, Trumpia Connect, to help our customers extend the value of their Salesforce application through texting. This integration tool is proven to help increase conversion rates by combining the comprehensive information captured in Salesforce with the most powerful communication tool - SMS messaging.

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For more information on how Trumpia Connect can help Salesforce users close more sales, take a look at our infographic below.


Infographic For Trumpia Connect

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