5 Tips to Manage Your Pipeline With an Integrated Texting Solution

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Texting Solution for Your Pipeline

Salesmen know that following up with potential customers can be hard work. Playing phone tag is unproductive and emails go unread for a variety of reasons. Luckily, we have a great solution: texting! Text messaging is the perfect lead nurturing tool as it allows you to keep up with leads and gather more information quickly, and with an integrated solution you can keep your sales team focused on what they do best: closing deals.

Here are five tips on how texting can help your sales team move leads through the pipeline:

Follow Up With Leads

Following up with contacts can be tricky because you want to remain on the top of  their minds, but you also don't want to seem too pushy. With texting having a read rate of 98%, you can be sure that your messages regarding new products or services and appointment reminders will be seen, and in turn your response rates will soar.

SMS messages are a perfect way to keep up with contacts that may not have been ready for your services. For example, if a potential lead doesn't have the budget this quarter, but is interested in your services later on, you can send periodic reminders via text messaging. Once they are ready to discuss your product or service, you can follow up effectively since you have an established relationship and know that you are always available if they have further questions about your service.

Integrate SMS Texting Into Your CRM

By integrating SMS into your CRM, all the information available about your client will be in one area so that you can communicate more effectively and stay organized. That’s why we built Trumpia Connect. Salesforce is powerful, but our SMS messaging can supercharge it. Trumpia Connect allows you to send and receive messages directly from your Salesforce account, meaning you will be able to message your leads whenever you want directly from your phone.

By giving your salesmen ways to engage with leads in Salesforce, you save time by giving them the right information to personalize their pitch based off of the most current information.

Update and Clean Your Database

Text messages aren't just for keeping in touch. With advanced communication tools, you can automatically ask leads questions to gather more information. For instance, you can text your contact about how big their company is so that you will know what the potential size of the deal may be. With an up to date database, your sales team can do what they do best: close deals.

Upsell More Effectively

What’s the only thing better than making a sale? Making another one! Texting is a perfect method for upselling to existing customers as it puts less pressure on customers than a phone call. By texting customers the occasional offer about new products you sell or giving them discounted rates on a more expensive plan, so you can continue to see growth in revenue after the initial sale was made.

The best way to upsell is to make sure your current customers are satisfied. With texting, you can periodically and informally check in to make sure they are satisfied with your product or service, and you can follow up quickly if they have any complaints. Keeping the line of communication open with your current customer is essential to the upsell, as they expect personalized outreach and offers relevant to their industry.

Nurture With Automated Campaigns

Texting will inevitably help your sales team grow your revenue, but why stop there? If you choose a service provider like Trumpia, you can do so much more. Our Auto Campaign feature can help you run your sales campaigns by doing things like automatically sending an introductory text to a lead or following up with a sales meeting reminder, leaving you free to focus on building relationships and closing deals. You will want a service that can provide you with personalized training and consulting, something Trumpia does better than anyone else. Why not trust the best?


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