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Making SMS Texting Automation Easy

Posted by Jason Park on Jan 19, 2022

Expand your SMS texting campaigns by using our advanced automation tools today!

If you have ever come across a situation where you really needed to send a message, but you were in the middle of something important that you couldn’t move away from, you have come to the right place. Or maybe, you want to set up messaging campaigns that automatically send messages whenever a customer completes a certain action. If you are looking for anything remotely like we just described, you need to start using Trumpia’s advanced automation features right now. 


Automation is what evolves and revolutionizes text message technology, and it is easily one of the most important features our software offers. Automation essentially empowers your text messages to run on autopilot, allowing you and your marketing team to have the freedom to focus on different projects and endeavors. Our system intuitively works smartly for you so that it can maximize your efficiency and communication with your important customers. Check out three ways you can automate your messages:


Scheduling Messages

One of the easiest ways you can start to automate your messages is by pre-scheduling different messages. Our software allows you to create both messaging templates and drafts where you can designate what time you want the message to send. We highly recommend strategizing based on your contact’s tendencies and behaviors in order to ensure that open and read rates are high. Read more about that here


Drip Messages

You can also send recurring messages that are set at a clear interval - all based on the parameters you choose. Our software allows you to pick the time that the message sends, and how frequently it will send throughout the week. Frequency is an important metric when trying to time your SMS messages. We recommend sending 2-3 messages a week in order to reinforce important information while avoiding repetitive and annoying messages.


Trigger - Response Messages

Finally, you can also create messages that send to contacts whenever they accomplish a certain task. This can include: texting a keyword, filling out an online sign-up page, or even accumulating a certain lead score. This is very useful when you need to follow up with subscribers immediately after in order to not lose the lead you collected.


All three of these are powerful tools that you have at your disposal in order to take your SMS texting needs to the next level. Contact us today and visit our website in order to learn more about the endless possibilities of our software!

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