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10 Ways To Use Texting For Business

Posted by Juebong Khwarg on Jul 02, 2015

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Businesses can benefit from using texting as a tool for communicating in both internal and external markets. Within the confines of the company, this enhances collaboration between employees, management and business partners. Externally, this is a great way to connect with and understand customer needs. How can businesses effectively use texting to enhance productivity and increase efficiency? Here are 10 quick ways to achieve this:

Client Contact

Businesses can use texting to alert clients when orders are ready, to provide updates to questions, or by alerting them to give the office a call. My dry cleaner sends text messages to let me know when my clothes are ready and how much my bill will be. Clients have many forms. A potential candidate can also be considered a client. Texting can help alleviate the need for paper and will be a “live” form of communication to let them know whether or not they got the position.

Delivery Confirmations

Many businesses use texting to let customers know when packages have been delivered to their home or designated delivery spot. This also assists with keeping track of inventory, with an exact time and date to combat any discrepancies that may arise. Large delivery companies have implemented a text messaging system that will let customers know when their package is due for delivery, whether the package is on time, or whether or not there were complications with the shipment.

Customer Interaction

Customers love it when companies give them attention. You can send product specials, discount coupons and have conversations with the customer service department through texting. This increased the level of communication with your audience while providing positive visibility for your brand. This is also a good way to introduce surveys and polls.

Advertising new items

New items or services that are coming out can be disseminated through text messaging to a select group of customers. This gives them an inside look into how the company is evolving, while keeping them in the loop. This builds customer loyalty and brand identity.

Retrieving customer information

Banks are adapting texting as a means for conducting transactions and retrieving personal information on their accounts. This works well for those individuals who do not have access to a computer or Wi-Fi on their phones and need to get that information in a quick and timely manner.

Communication during meetings

Employees can communicate with each other during meetings without having to speak across the room, or even to each other. This works well during presentations where one can assist the other with providing additional information, or in using this as a platform to give someone questions or information they may not have known.

Coworker collaboration

This helps collaborative environments in a number of ways. Texting works when alerting a manager if you will be late; can be an asset if you are on a conference call with a number of other people and you text your colleague information or questions to assist on their end.

Disseminating news

Text messaging can be sent to multitudes of employees at a time. This will keep everyone on the same page, they can get the information before it becomes big news, and it assists in recalling information that was previously distributed.


Have a meeting coming up? Planning an event and collaborating at a certain time? Your group will all be able to get the same information at the same time via texting. It is instantaneous, works even when email does not, and won’t have you showing up for an empty appearance.


Using text messaging is a huge advantage for service industries. Customers can receive product notifications, recalls and defects, keeping them part of the overall network as a way to convey valued service.

These are just 10 ways businesses can use text messaging to their advantage and positively impact the bottom line. As technology continues to reshape how organizations conduct internal and external transactions, implementing resources that can make things easier on all levels of the organization is key. Being proactive in introducing new technology into your organization keeps you ahead of the industry curve and positions you as a worthy competitor in the marketplace. Download our complimentary Mobile Marketing Success Kit to see how your company can build a full mobile marketing strategy that incorporates texting to reach to your key stakeholders.


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