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9 SMS Marketing Tips To Promote Your Hair Salon Or Spa

Posted by Sophorn Chhay on Jul 24, 2015

Offering personalized information through SMS marketing is helpful in obtaining and keeping business flowing throughout the slow. Although this is slowly beginning to catch on in salons, the value received through using this technique is a win for both the salon and client.

How can SMS Marketing Services Assist My Salon?

There are a number of ways SMS marketing services can help:

  • Clients can receive reminders of their upcoming appointment
  • Varied discounts to a premier set of clients
  • Text appointment reminder for upcoming engagements and events
  • Opportunities for scheduling or rescheduling appointments based on availability

Having effective tips on hand will not only provide guidelines, but can assist in an enhanced use of your SMS marketing software. Here are nine that work well:

  • Keep it simple - Your texts should be short and simple without any fluff.
  • Stay Professional - Every text should be professional, without the use of text speak language. Grammar, spelling and punctuation should be correct. It is important to stay professional in the eyes of the customer while building your brand.
  • Know your target audience - In every text you send, the target audience must be addressed. Understanding their needs will help you craft promotions to send a text message that will make a difference in this demographic, further driving traffic into the salon.
  • Increase Your Attention - Make sure your clients are aware of, and receiving your SMS texts. You should always have a signature phrase to alert the client the text is from you.
  • Be Personal - Your texts messages should be personalized for your clients. Utilizing your SMS software to address each text with the name of the person will enhance your brand and image, while developing loyal customers.
  • Use Branding Basics - It is important to use tactics that will not only warrant a response, but by using a call-to-action, your clients will also have something to do that will keep them interested in what you have to offer at your salon. Here’s a quick example:

Hi Sarah! 20% off all haircuts with Alexis tomorrow, July 20 only. Only 4 appointments left. Call 555-478-9999 with the code CUT20 or book online at www.hautehair.com.

  • Be timely - Make sure you send out SMS text messages in a timely manner. If there is a time limit involved, give your clients time to rearrange their schedules to meet the sale. Using a 48-hour window is useful. Use same day texting only if there are cancellations and you are trying to fill that slot.
  • Keep up housekeeping - It is important to maintain housekeeping of the phone numbers in the system you use. You want to check your delivery reports on a consistent basis to see which numbers are no longer in service. This information can assist in keeping the database healthy and useful while saving time and money.
  • Measure the metrics - You will be able to check the success of your program by seeing the number of no-shows decrease. By using a promo code, you will be able to successfully monitor and measure any results needed to make an impact. Being able to see which campaigns were successful and which ones were not also provides insight into what the customers like and want on a consistent basis.

These are just a few ways SMS messaging can come in handy for the promotion of your salon or spa. Most customers appreciate the value using an SMS marketing program can bring, as it opens additional doors to a new set of clients that may not have been on the radar before. Using effective SMS texting campaigns will not only keep the business thriving, but will help improve the current processes within the salon or spa.

Being proactive in utilizing technology that will enhance your brand is key. Taking the time to learn how SMS texting is beneficial to your salon or spa is important in the implementation of this new system.

Does SMS texting really work?

Yes it does. Here are a few statistics:

  • 95 – 98% of text messages are read within minutes of receiving them.
  • 30% of consumers interact with brands via text messaging.
  • Text messaging is still the largest mobile marketing channel by revenue.

Keeping this in mind when preparing to utilize SMS text messaging will assist in creating sound relationships with your clients, while establishing you loyalty and confidence in your brand.

Want to see if SMS marketing would be beneficial for your salon? Calculate the ROI of running an SMS texting campaign with our complimentary SMS ROI Calculator.


Download the SMS ROI Calculator

Download the SMS ROI Calculator


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