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25 Text Messages a Business Should Send to Their Customers

Posted by Sophorn Chhay on Aug 18, 2015


Businesses that tap into the benefits of text messaging will enjoy better communication with customers and increased customer engagement. However, some businesses don't know where to begin when it comes to sms texting communication. To that end, here are 25 great text message templates that businesses can consider sending their customers.

1. Advertise a Free Product

For businesses with a "buy one, get one free" type of promotion, it can be helpful to send a text to advertise the fact. This is particularly true for food businesses since customers may receive the text while they are already near your restaurant.

Example Text: "Text BOGO to 95577 to receive an exclusive buy one get one free offer on our tasty 1/2 lb. burger."

2. Provide a Special Offer

Send a text telling customers to reply and receive a special offer from your business to increase customer engagement with your business.

Example Text: "Text OFFER to 95577 to receive a unique offer for your next purchase."

3. The "Tell Us About Your Visit" Text

Follow up with the experience of your customers by texting them to provide feedback about the quality of their latest visit.

Example Text: "Text FEEDBACK to 95577 for a link to our customer survey."

4. Text Customers with Trivia and Prizes

Alert customers to exciting prizes and clever trivia that will allow them to engage with your brand in a fun and exciting way.

Example Text: "Text WINPRIZES" to 95577 to be automatically entered into our monthly prize drawing."

5. Text New Advertisements

Send text messages that give customers the option of sending new video advertisements to their phone. This strategy ensures that advertisements are seen by preexisting customers who value your brand.

Example Text: "Text VIDEO to 95577 to receive our latest video advertisement on your mobile device."

6. Remind Customers of Rewards Programs

Let customers join your rewards programs or special membership options via a convenient text reminder.

Example Text: "Get more information about our customer loyalty program by texting REWARDS to 95577".

7. Send Shopping Reminders

Sometimes, customers who love your brand will appreciate a reminder to shop online while they are on the go. For businesses with a mobile app, this can be a great way to remind customers to buy products through the app.

Example Text: "Don't forget to browse the latest deals in our Fourth of July Sale. Text FOURTHDEALS to 95577 to receive our latest deals."

8. Advertise a Contest

Let customers know you are running a contest while allowing customers to enter the contest over text.

Example Text: "Text CONTEST to 95577 to enter our $50,000 cash prize giveaway."

9. Advertise Hot New Deals

Let customers know when great new deals are available for some of your popular products.

Example Text: "Text HOTTECH to 95577 and see our flagship 2015 PC products."

10. Let Customers Advertise for Your Business

If customers are buying a new product or attending one of your business events, text them a reminder to share the great news via social media platforms.

Example Text: "Share the love by following this link to post about our brand on social media."

11. Text Customers Helpful Information

Inform customers that they can respond to your texts to receive helpful tips and advice pertaining to some aspect of your business. This strategy is particularly helpful for gyms and fitness companies.

Example Text: "Follow this link to learn more about the five diet tips you need for 2015 fitness success."

12. Start a Text Messaging Club

Text customers to raise awareness over a text message club of your business. This club will provide instant alerts about the exciting developments and products of your business.

Example Text: "Join our mobile rewards club by texting MOBILECLUB to 95577."

13. Utilize the Benefits of Text and Email Together

Text customers to provide you with their email for future newsletters and product updates from your business.

Example Text: "Reply with YES to receive exclusive newsletters and product updates via your signup email."

14. Use Text Messaging to Plan Ahead

If your business is planning an event, ask customers to text back whether they are attending the event with a simple yes or no format. This provides businesses with advanced notice that aids efficient planning strategies.

Example Text: "Are you attending our groundbreaking business event? Reply with 1 for YES and 2 for NO."

15. Localize

For smaller businesses, advertise store-specific specials and sales via text.

Example Text: "Visit our county store for an exclusive 20% off of your next purchase."

16. Provide Shipping Updates Via Text

Text updates for shipping will give peace of mind to any customers who ordered products with your business online.

Example Text: "Your package has shipped. Track your package at the following link."

17. Let Customers Know Their Bill Is Available

It can be difficult for customers to remember when their bill is available. Inform customers when their bill is due, and customers will appreciate it. This is especially true for telecommunications businesses that bill customers on a recurring monthly basis.

Example Text: "Your online bill is now available. Pay your bill or view your online statement by using the following link."

18. Inform Customers of Important Changes

This is particularly helpful for businesses such as airlines since gate changes and flight delay information needs to be relayed to customers as soon as possible.

Example Text: "Your flight status has changed. Follow the link or call to learn of your latest flight changes."

19. Allow Payments Via Text

Popular financial businesses such as PayPal allow customers to send financial alerts and make payments via text.

Example Text: "You have received a payment of $49.99 from John Doe."

20. Verification Codes

Businesses can send verification codes over text to ensure customer safety through their online security features.

Example Text: "9865841 is your security code. This code expires in 10 minutes."

21. Provide Exclusive Invites Via Text

Invite customers to special events over text.

Example Text: "Text SPECIAL to 95577 for an exclusive invite to our special event of the summer."

22. Let Customers Know About Updates to Their Wishlist

For online retailers, send texts to customers when a product on their wishlist goes on sale.

Example Text: "A product on your wishlist is now on sale. Follow the link to view your wishlist."

23. Mass Text Critical Alerts

In the event that a serious change to your business has occurred, it helps to send an MMS message to customers, informing them of critical and pertinent changes to your business or organization. Weather alerts and crime alerts can also be used by school organizations and similar institutions.

Example Text: "A sever thunderstorm warning is now in effect. Follow the latest news and weather updates on our website."

24. Send Pictures of New Products

With a text, you can send pictures of new products to entice customers in a more engaging way.

25. Send Video Updates from the CEO

Many customers appreciate hearing from the visionary leader of a business. Sending a video text from the CEO will help customers appreciate the long-term vision of the companies they love.

These forms of text messages are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many ways businesses can use text messages to grow their business and their customer relationships. Schedule a 5-minute demo for more great text messaging solutions that are expertly tailored to grow business.

For more information on how mobile marketing tools can help you better communicate with your customers, download a complimentary copy of our Mobile Marketing Success Kit.

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