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Boost Your E-Commerce Customer Service With SMS Notification

Posted by Nicholas You on Mar 04, 2016

Boost E-Commerce Customer Service With SMS NotificationCopyright: georgejmclittle / 123RF Stock Photo
SMS notifications
can be a valuable asset to your e-commerce customer service operations. Not only do they keep consumers in the loop and reduce your customer service representatives' workload, but they can also increase customer satisfaction.

What are SMS Notifications?

An SMS notification is a notification sent to a customer via mass text messaging. Brands can accomplish this by using a web-based service that sends specific automated messages to subscribers who have provided their mobile phone number to the company. Some of the most common uses of SMS notifications include:

  • Updating consumers when out-of-stock items become available. - Customers who want to buy a popular, out-of-stock item can sign up to receive immediate notification via SMS when the item becomes available again. Brands can even provide a direct link to the item so that consumers can make their purchases quickly.

  • Notifying customers when the status of their orders or refunds change. - SMS messaging can also be used to inform customers when their orders have been received by the retailer, shipped or delivered. If a customer has requested a refund, the company can use SMS messaging to notify the consumer when his or her return has been received, as well as when the refund has been processed.

  • Providing regular account balance updates or due date reminders. - For consumers that maintain an open account with the brand, SMS messaging can be used to inform consumers of their current balance or to remind them when their payment is due. SMS messaging can be used to let consumer know when their payments have been received as well.

Why Use SMS Notifications?

With so many other options available, retailers may wonder why they should bother with SMS notifications. However, SMS messaging offers a variety of advantages that make it an ideal method of communication for many brands. SMS notifications provide brands with:

  • A way to stand out. - E-commerce is growing every day, and the competition is fierce. Offering SMS notifications helps retailers to set themselves apart as a provider of superior customer service.

  • A unique method of communication. - SMS messages provide retailers with a unique, unexpected method of communication that is more likely to be read by consumers. In fact, studies have shown that 97 percent of SMS messages will be opened, with an average time to open of about 4 minutes.

  • A direct line to consumers. - Unlike emails, snaps and tweets that are likely to get lost in the shuffle, SMS messages go directly to a consumer's texting inbox and are nearly impossible to miss or ignore.

Using SMS Notifications Successfully

Using SMS notifications to support customer service is relatively simple. For example, consider the case of Business A, an established clothing and shoe retailer with a brick-and-mortar location and an online store. Business A wants to increase its revenue through customer satisfaction. The owner knows that customers like to be notified when the status of their order changes or when products they like are back in stock, so he decides to offer SMS notifications.

After the SMS notification platform is in place, all customers shopping online with Business A will be invited to sign up for SMS-based order updates, as well as marketing promotions. If the customer signs up, he or she will receive instantaneous notifications when the order is shipped and delivered. Not only does this keep the customer up-to-date, but it also simplifies the process of resolving any problems that may occur. For example, if a customer receives a delivery notification but the product has not been delivered, he or she can notify Business A immediately. Customers who subscribe to SMS order updates may also consent to receive other types of messages, including promotional content, and they are more likely to leave positive feedback for the business.

If you are interested in adding SMS notifications to your customer service arsenal, the first step is to find the right SMS platform. Trumpia's platform offers omni-channel communication, which includes a robust SMS notification service that allows the user to keep their customers updated in real-time. Contact us to learn more about this service, or watch our 5 minute demo.


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