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Why Businesses Can't Ignore SMS Messages (Hint- 98% of Text Messages are Read within Minutes of Receipt)

Posted by Sophorn Chhay on Jul 23, 2015

Do you know anyone who doesn't use texting? SMS messages are used by almost everyone except maybe your grandmother. Friends and family, co-workers and even business colleagues, customers and vendors send texts to each other.

Your customer texts you to let you know they are having a problem. Your bank sends alerts to let you know about a transaction. Your hairdresser sends a confirmation of your appointment to you via text messaging. Even your restaurant reservation is texted to you with directions.

Why do businesses like using SMS these days? The answer is clear. Businesses need a universal and reliable way to communicate with customers and vendors around the world, and SMS is the right choice. Since most people carry their mobile phones with them everywhere they go, sending a text is bound to reach them more readily. Some people even sleep with their phones nearby.

It may seem hard to believe that a technology that was invented more than 20 years ago would now become such an integral part of our daily lives. However, that is what has happened. SMS was originally developed by engineers who wanted an easy messaging system to work on mobile phones. The first text message was sent in 1992, and now they are everywhere.

SMS is being adopted by businesses that are looking for an easy and efficient manner of communication with customers. When you think about the benefits, you can understand why SMS is so popular.

Popular with Almost Everyone

For businesses that have tentacles around the world, SMS is a valuable way to communicate. Mobile phones are available in most countries worldwide, and SMS messaging works on 2G as well as 3G and 4G mobile networks. Therefore, anyone on a mobile network can be reached via SMS, and they don't need to own a smartphone.

Text messages are effective because people read them. According to Trumpia, more than 98% of people read a text message within minutes of receiving it. Different than email, you don't need a smartphone or laptop to receive the message.

SMS is designed to send brief, precise messages. When you only have 160 characters to work with, you become a better editor of your own words. SMS is also much more affordable than direct marketing to make customers aware of a promotion or news.

SMS is permission-based, meaning that customers have given you their permission to contact them via SMS messages. They have to opt in to get information and therefore, tend to read as opposed to ignoring it.

With mobile marketing automation, you can combine SMS with alternate methods of marketing such as social media or PPC to engage in a more profound way with your customers. You can use SMS messaging to let customers know about important changes or announcements on your website.

Use SMS in a Multitude of Settings

SMS messages are being used in a variety of ways by companies around the world and new ideas are cropping up rapidly.

One example is an app developer who uses texts to authenticate users of its mobile apps. The developer sends their codes to them via text. Using a combination of passwords allows the app developer to safeguard its applications more securely. Texting is reliable and quick which is critical when it comes to a split-second decision made by the user.

W-Fi is not always available in every location, and has varied speed depending on circumstances. Another use of SMS is Text-2-Poll, a polling solution for businesses in order to engage and interact with attendees during conventions, conferences and seminars. The audience can respond to polling questions over the Internet or alternatively via Text-2-Poll if a Wi-Fi signal is poor.

Zacks Investment Research uses SMS to interact with customers who use their financial products. They discovered that email was not giving them a reliable means of attracting their customers' attention. Now the Chicago-based company can send their messages via text to customers to alert them to new stock tips, products or information. Since users get the messages instantaneously, they know the information is relevant.

Many people keep their phones close at hand throughout the day. It is not surprising that many businesses are finding text messaging a guaranteed way to get their message across without losing it in the mix.


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