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Using SMS Texts to Send Emergency Alerts

Posted by Jason Park on Mar 01, 2022

Learn about how using SMS texts to send emergency alerts can help prevent disasters.

While you are using SMS texting for all of the various departments for your business - including your marketing team, HR team, and more, we also recommend using Trumpia in order to send critical and important messages to your staff and employees. Especially considering when accidents and emergencies happen all the time, you can help prevent disasters from occurring all by clearly communicating instructions.


Why is SMS texting the preferred method of communication for businesses? It’s because no other technology can send out mass messages while still guaranteeing the fast and high open rates like SMS texting can. In any crisis situation, you want to make sure that as many people are seeing your messages as quickly as possible. Any wasted time can be the difference between something very serious happening. 


Why would you need emergency text alerts to send out the staff? Check out some of the following reasons why you would need it, especially in this day and age:


  • Hazardous weather conditions
  • Short-handed staff announcements
  • Important document requests
  • Safety protocols including fire and lockdown drills
  • Updates and directions during dire times such as power outages


These are some of the many reasons why you are going to need to send out clear messages to your staff. Because the reality is, clear communication can help calm people down and give them direction during a stressful situation.


We recommend following these couple of tips in order to save yourself valuable time during those situations as well:


  • Create messaging templates: if you know that your business or company is prone to a certain issue for whatever reason, we highly recommend creating pre-made templates that you can load up quickly in dire moments. This will allow you to avoid typing out every single word. For example, if you know that your area is prone to getting a lot of power outages, you can create a message giving instructions to your employees on what to do if there ever is one.


  • Take advantage of automation: create messages that automatically send without your manual intervention. You can send things like your company’s safety protocols regularly in order to help cement it in their memory. We recommend making it short, concise, and easy to remember. Acronyms are great ways to help your employees remember crucial steps in order to stay safe. 


  • Utilize two-way conversations: finally, always remember that Trumpia enables two-way conversations. This should also be clearly communicated to your staff. You want them to know that they can message back your number, and it will be stored in one central inbox for you to check during crisis situations, allowing you to answer any questions they may have. 


Help prevent disasters by using SMS text today! We also recommend checking out all of the ways you can use SMS texting for various different departments and use cases. 

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