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Improve Your Franchise's Communication With SMS Marketing

Posted by Justin McIntire on Jan 30, 2018

SMS Marketing For Franchise Communication

Franchises all know one thing: keeping every part moving together is hard work. That’s why more and more franchises are flocking to use SMS marketing to be more effective. 

Why? Because 90% of all text messages are read within three minutes, which means you can ensure that your most important messages, such as those dealing with corporate policy updates, will be read promptly by franchisees. Here’s how to get the most out of SMS for franchise communication:

Using Mobile Marketing for Franchises Will Increase Revenue

The cornerstone to any successful franchise is making sure your locations are generating revenue. That’s why text messaging is so effective: your marketing will actually be seen. With a 98% read rate, text messaging is almost five times more effective than email (22% read rate), which means your franchisees will see a dramatic impact on their revenue.


Franchise organizations can also utilize mobile marketing to send mobile coupons, which are redeemed 10 times more often than traditional paper ones. This means your franchises will see drastic and immediate impact on their revenue. Furthermore, with an SMS marketing automation software like Trumpia, you can send targeted promotions to customers based off of demographic data and behavior, so you will see an even higher redemption rate!


Use SMS Marketing to Streamline Internal Communication

When you own a franchise, you know it can be frustrating to communicate with all of your staff. Whether it’s scheduling shifts or communicating back and forth about benefits or operations, being able to reliably reach your staff is paramount. Since 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, you can quickly reach your staff to fill in scheduling gaps or inform them of new policies.


Better yet, if you have an existing system in place you can integrate a messaging API, like Trumpia’s, and it will allow you to communicate with employees and customers in powerful new ways. It can do things like automatically updating customer and employee contact data when they interact with your system, or send out things like two-factor authentication messages for secure logins.


Provide Faster, Better Customer Service With SMS Marketing

Customer service is vital to making sure your franchises are representing your brand up to your high standards. Since over 33% of customers hang up as soon as they are put on hold, you are hurting your brand by not offering a better alternative. In fact, 64% of consumers would rather text customer service reps than have to call in. If you choose an SMS service that offers landline texting, you can even enable employees to send texts and answer customer questions through the number they already operate and advertise.


This allows customers to conveniently ask for information like store hours, directions, and appointment availability while they’re on the go. And one of the best things about using text messaging is that SMS surveys are completed far more often than email ones, which means you will get actionable results that will allow you to see what your franchises need to improve before any issues get out of hand.


Boost Employee Satisfaction with Franchise SMS Messages

Franchises can have hundreds or thousands of employees per city, so keeping them all informed can feel impossible. Luckily SMS messaging can help, as it allows your HR department to send employees personalized messages about things like vacation days, new schedules, and benefits reminders. Your employees will appreciate the ease and convenience of texting, and your HR department will enjoy being able to reach employees far more reliably with text messaging instead of email. Plus there is no better way to send information about things like evacuation information or new safety and training protocols to keep employees safe.


How Other Franchises Have Used Trumpia’s SMS Marketing Software

Trumpia has partnered with franchise chains for over a decade, and we have some amazing success stories to share. Here are just a few:


7-Eleven Hawaii encompasses all 62 locations of the world-renowned convenience store chain across the state. They needed a digital marketing solution that was easy to use and could handle the sheer volume of coupons they would need for all of their locations. With Trumpia’s software, they were able to grow business by sending weekly product specials, building their contact database, and driving traffic to their stores.


7-Eleven Hawaii first used Trumpia as a demo for their Oahu locations. They were quickly sending thousands of text promotions a week, but they didn’t stop at simple message blasting. With our powerful text automation, they were able to boost coupon redemption rates by sending a reminder five days before the coupon expired. After seeing the success of their demo campaign, they expanded it to all 62 locations in Hawaii!


Jamba Juice of Bakersfield used Trumpia to enact mobile and social media marketing campaigns, not only to boost sales, but also to create conversations and relationships between the brand and their customers. First, they created the mobile keyword “JAMBA”, which customers could text in to a shortcode order to subscribe to their marketing program. They also offered a free 16oz smoothie coupon, which was was automatically sent to the subscriber when they texted the keyword.


They also promoted the mobile program across their Facebook page and Twitter to increase awareness and drive up new business. Over just two months, Jamba Juice Bakersfield was able to grow their database by more than 1,000 contacts, and increase in-store traffic by 10%!


These were just a few reasons why you need to adopt SMS into your franchise communication strategy. And unfortunately, any franchise that is slow to adopt at least a few of these strategies increasingly risks seeing a drop in both revenue and customer satisfaction. Are you a franchise or franchisee looking to boost your revenue? Click here to learn more!


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