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How to Send Recurring Text Messages

Posted by Jason Park on Nov 24, 2021


Learn how to send recurring messages using our automation features and powerful technology.

Anytime anyone reminisces about the past, it is fascinating to think about the ways that we all used to live. Back then, marketing teams would have to painstakingly send out every single message to each individual, which would absorb so much of their time and effort. If you look even farther at history, marketing teams and companies would have to print out flyers and other physical mediums and start passing them around town.


Thankfully, we are far from those times here in the 21st century. On the contrary, technology like the software Trumpia has to offer has made our lives more streamlined and effortless. Trumpia was designed to make tasks like sending out SMS text messages far easier than what any other company can provide. And one feature that can help companies greatly is the ability to send recurring or interval messages, which is powered through our automation technology. 


Imagine any scenario where you need to constantly remind your contacts of any information such as deals, promotions, appointments, and so much more. You can create automated messages that help take your campaigns on autopilot, while ensuring that your contacts are receiving the messages. These intervaled messages will ensure that you also limit the amount of spam, while keeping your messaging pace consistent. 


With our new intuitive UI, you can send recurring messages in such an easier way. Here is a step by step guide in how you can send messages that are automatically sent out without your manual intervention:


  • First, click “compose” at the top right corner of your screen. This will take you to the screen where you can start writing out your message or messaging template. Make sure you click “Agree to Terms of Use” and “Text Message” check box before you get started


  • Next, create a description of your message. Your contacts will not be able to see this, but it’s more so for you and your company to help organize your messages and what you are sending out. For example, if you are sending out appointment reminders, I would title it “Weekly Appointment Reminders”


  • Next, click your organization name that you want to appear with every message. This step is very important. Your contacts need to be reminded of who is sending them this information, otherwise, they are more likely to ignore it. 


  • After, indicate the schedule or timing in which you want to send your message. This is the most important step. You have the option of sending the message immediately, sending it at a later time, or sending it at an interval. For this tutorial, you want to click either later or at an interval in order to let our automation feature go to work.


  • Finally, indicate who this message is receiving. The beauty of our technology is that you can create separate distribution groups where certain types of people will get certain messages. This will help streamline your communication while ensuring that the right messages are going to the right people. 


And that’s it! Sending recurring messages, while it can be intimidating at first, becomes so easy once you understand how to use our product. The best thing is that you can trust our software to handle the rest for you after you set up the messages and templates one time. If you have any more questions or if you want to learn more, feel free to browse through all of the features that we have to offer!

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