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The Importance of SMS Drip Campaigns

Posted by Jason Park on Aug 25, 2021


54846925_m-1An SMS drip campaign is a type of messaging strategy where messages are sent at a specific interval that a company presets. Learn more in our latest blog!

What is a drip campaign

An SMS drip campaign is a type of messaging strategy where messages are sent at a specific interval that a company presets. You are then able to designate the type of message that is being sent and the timing of it. All of this is possible because of Trumpia’s ability to pre schedule and pre save message templates that are sent whenever a customer performs a certain action.

With Trumpia, our drip campaigns are able to be triggered by contacts:

Drip campaigns are a powerful and useful communication tool that marketers have at their disposal, especially because the use cases are endless. Use a drip campaign in order to on-board and welcome new subscribers, automate your messaging, and increase overall engagement with your brand. However, it is important to note what type of campaign and industry will benefit from using a drip campaign.

Here are two ways that you can start using a drip campaign for:

Promotions and Deals

One of the easiest ways to use a drip campaign is to start sending out promotions and deals to your subscribers periodically. If you are a retailer, or any business that is providing a product or service, you should set up a keyword or sign up page that subscribers can opt-in to in order to receive deals. Not only do you reward loyal subscribers, but you ensure that their engagement with your company is high. 

Following Up on Leads and New Members

Whenever anyone interacts with a new brand or company, there is always going to be some levels of distrust and care. That is why sending welcoming messages that constantly introduce your brand and content is the best way to establish credibility to any new group of subscribers. You want to prove to them that you are a company worth investing into. 

Start using Trumpia’s SMS messaging software today in order to keep audience engagement and retention high! 

If you have any more questions, reach out to a Trumpia representative to learn more or read our blogs on our website!

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