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The Top Uses of SMS Texting for Medical Offices

Posted by Jason Park on Sep 29, 2021

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Check out Trumpia's latest list of the top ways medical offices are using SMS messaging software.

When medical offices are so busy trying to care for and help patients, good communication is one of the most valuable skills that any healthcare professional can have at their disposal. Especially for patients who do not understand complicated medical terms, doctors need to be able to communicate in ways that are accurate and comforting. 

However, for so many medical offices, the challenge is not just talking to individuals, but it is having to navigate all of the many challenges that comes with running a medical office. From scheduling meetings, filling out paperwork, and constantly answering new questions, there are so many moving parts that need to be addressed.

Interestingly, so many medical offices are already using SMS texting in order to improve and optimize their logistics. Yet we found that some medical offices are not aware of the full range of tools and features they have access to when they start using our software today. Here is a list of the top ways you can start using Trumpia today, and if you are not using these features for your medical office, you need to start doing so right now. 

Here is how you can get started today:

Automate menial and time consuming tasks through our automation features

These features include the ability to pre schedule messages, create messaging templates, and create messaging triggers that automatically send whenever a contact completes a desired action. This is a highly useful tool for people that need to follow up with their patients after their initial consultation or if they need to send important reminders.

Choose to also have patients complete important medical documents before the actual appointment. This can ensure that you save both your client and your office time while making their appointments much more efficient. You can also ensure that they will come to their appointments prepared with the necessary information they would need to bring to you.

One of the most useful ways you can use our automation feature is by reminding patients of their upcoming appointments. Cancellations and late appointments are one of the most frustrating things for any company, but for medical offices, it can cause major setbacks and prevent people from receiving the care that they need. Watch your appointment attendance rates soar as you begin to utilize this important feature. 

Take advantage of MMS in creative ways

One of the beauties of SMS texting is that you can send both MMS with words. This includes pictures, videos, and even voice broadcasting. MMS is an important tool for medical offices because you can help educate your patients through helpful infographics or even videos that help break down certain medical practices. For example, you can explain the importance of vaccinations, good hygiene, and more. This is all so helpful especially in light of the global health pandemic that we are all experiencing. 

Improve internal communication amongst patients AND employees

Any good communication needs to go both ways. Not only do medical offices need to be able to address questions and concerns from their patients, but they also need to be able to talk to their employees efficiently and clearly. One of the best ways that they are able to do that through SMS texting is by utilizing our two way conversation feature. 

With our communication platforms, companies and medical offices are able to receive texts back from their contacts. This allows you to not only answer pressing questions from any of your employees or patients, but also to handle matters such as scheduling and more. HR departments within medical offices are going to love using this feature, especially because texting has a proven open rate of 98%.

Start using Trumpia today for your medical office! We highly recommend reading about all of our features today in order to see how you can get started!

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