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SMS Texting and Instagram Integration

Posted by Jason Park on Aug 18, 2021

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Learn how you can use one of the most effective integrations - SMS texting and Instagram - in order to boost your campaign and marketing strategies today.

Whether people like it or not, social media is undoubtedly the most powerful form of marketing that is available right now. Not only are most social media platforms free, but they also are on an enormous public stage, capable of generating a lot of different site traffic and click through leads. Therefore, you will have a difficult time trying to find a company in the modern age that isn’t investing in or utilizing social media to its fullest potential. 


At Trumpia, we highly recommend utilizing both SMS texting and your social media platform together in order to produce the highest quality results. After building a large following list on your social media page, you can ensure that your content is being seen at a large scale. 


Here are the top 3 ways you can pair Instagram, a highly popular social media application, with Trumpia’s SMS software today:


Contact Subscription Growth

There are multiple ways that you can accomplish this. Instagram offers two ways for people to interact with your content - posts or stories. On either of these methods, be sure to include a hyperlink that will connect people either directly to your website, or to your SMS online sign up page. 


This is a free and easy way to guarantee that people will be able to sign up for your messages. If your content is especially appealing, making your product or brand seem fun and engaging, people will be more inclined to sign up. Furthermore, making the process simple by limiting the call to action to a simple click is highly appealing.


New Post, Products, and Events Highlights

Another way you should be using Instagram is to take advantage of the ability to post and highlight MMS. Videos and pictures are one of the best ways to make campaigns and posts more appealing, and Instagram does a great job of marketing your company through the various effects and edits that you can do. Use your SMS texting blasts to incorporate these MMS messages in order to help your subscribers see all of the things your company is doing. If they see that you are a fun company that people would want to work at or use your services from, they will stay subscribed.


Exclusive Deals Promotion

Finally, take advantage of the E-commerce opportunities that are available using Instagram. With so many stores selling products on Instagram’s platform, you need to be taking advantage of it too. Instagram is far superior than a traditional website for so many reasons. Not only are you able to see multiple pictures of the products and it’s prices, but you can also see the product through different videos and more. 


SMS messages provide an opportunity to work with influential social media experts  who may be able to boost the amount of traffic that your products are receiving. Anytime your products are ready and loaded on to Instagram, you can send out a text messaging blast that will encourage your subscribers to look at a free online catalog of your products.

All in all, SMS texting and Instagram are a perfect match. If you have any questions about how you can start using these two platforms together, visit our website, or check out our Instagram today!














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