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SMS Texting for Media and Entertainment

Posted by Jason Park on Sep 22, 2021


Are you in the media or entertainment business and you need to reach out to a lot of people? Try SMS texting today as your central communication software.

Ironically, for so many media and entertainment companies, a lot of the ways that they interact and market to their audience is dry and boring. People within the industry are constantly rehashing old played out ideas that are not actually creating valuable results. While things like emails, blogs, and more might have worked well in the past, times have changed significantly.


SMS texting technology is both the present and the future. Cell phones have only evolved since their initial creation, and they are now the most universal way people connect and communicate with one another. If you and your media company want to see higher attendance rates at events, or an increase in customer engagement, you need to start using SMS texting today. 


Here is a comprehensive guide to how you can utilize SMS Texting with your media company to its highest potential:


  • Build out Your Contact Database

Like any communication platform, you need people to communicate with. Without a large list, you are eliminating opportunities to increase your brand awareness and visibility. SMS texting makes contact collection so easy.


One of the greatest features we offer any company is our Keyword feature. To start utilizing this feature, companies simply need to broadcast and market this keyword along with their campaign. For example, if you want to generate enormous buzz for an upcoming event, you can advertise this keyword in order for people to get updates about live performances and event offerings. All potential contacts need to do is text that keyword to a phone number in order to get started.


Once you receive their contact information, you can send them messages moving forward for different campaigns or initiatives that your company wants to start. Here is a more comprehensive guide on ways you can use keywords.


  • Integrate with Other Platforms

One of the easiest integrations that we see happening with SMS texting is to integrate your texting campaign with social media. Especially because so many young people are both on social media and the ones likely to attend all of these fun entertainment events, you need to have a social media presence. This natural partner marketing will increase the amount of chances people will be exposed to your brand. You can cross promote content by texting people to check out a new post, or for people to sign up for live updates through text. All of these are excellent ways to combine social media with texting.

Trumpia also allows you to send links to other websites and platforms on a text message. This is helpful if you have a ticketing system or reservation system that needs to be filled out in order for people to attend an event. You can also send out links to your website and more in order to send helpful information


  • Promote Deals and Exclusive Services

Finally, if you want to see a lot of people attend your events or use your services, you need to take advantage of deals and promotions that will help generate buzz and excitement. Sending coupons with SMS is even easier and more effective because you can send both links and MMS that highlights your deals and promotions. 


You can even incentivize your contacts with coupons and deals by asking them to fill out surveys and live polls that will be helpful for you and your company when monitoring and editing your campaigns moving forward. It truly is a win-win situation. 

Start following these steps today in order to see your customer engagement rates soar! We recommend contacting us for a free trial in order to get started today. 

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