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The Beauty of Two Way SMS Texting

Posted by Jason Park on Jan 14, 2022

Start having dynamic and interactive conversations with your contacts today by using SMS texting!

When using Trumpia for your SMS texting needs, one of the most important features you have access to is our Two Way Texting feature. Also known as 1 to 1 texting, Two Way Texting allows companies to have real time conversations with their customers. This opens up the possibility of Text marketing by expanding your communication abilities - conversations can now be dynamic and interactive rather than linear. 


Why use SMS Texting when other communication platforms allow you to use Two Way conversations? It’s because no other platform can match our potential and track record. Did you know that text messages have a 97% open rate? And you don’t even need numbers to prove how effective and useful text messaging is - in fact, just think about the last time you received or sent out a text message to someone.


And now that SMS texts are becoming more normalized in the corporate world, we highly recommend using SMS texting in order to power some of your campaigns. Use two-way texting in order to accomplish the following:


  • Create Fun and New Campaigns

If you know that customers can text you back, the opportunities are endless! One of the best ways you can utilize our Two Way texting feature is to use it in order to collect meaningful data. If you want to know how successful a product or service was, or you’re trying to learn about your consumer’s preferences, why not just ask them directly? You can attach incentives to the question such as mobile coupons in order to entice your audience to want to answer. This will guarantee that response rates are high!


  • Use it for Customer Support

We all know the feeling of having to wait hours just to get an answer to a simple question. All of this can be solved by using SMS texting in order to power your customer support services! Not only can you answer pressing questions in real-time, you can also create automatic messages through our automation features. This is useful in order to send answers to FAQ’s, saving you and your customers valuable time.


Also use our Two Way Texting feature to ask for reviews! In the modern age, if you are a business, restaurant, or a retailer, reviews are everything. People often make snap judgements on whether or not they want to engage in business with you depending on the reviews you have. Use SMS texting to ask your subscribers, especially loyal and happy customers, to leave meaningful reviews!


All in all, the beauty of Two Way Texting is that you can show your contacts that you care. There is no better way to engage with your customers than to actually be in conversation with them. That way, you are constantly learning and growing with one another.


Check out all of our other features in order to expand the ways you are using Trumpia today!

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