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Using SMS Texts With Email

Posted by Jason Park on Jan 05, 2022

Using Email with SMS Texting can be one of the best ways for you and your marketing team to work smart this upcoming new year.

Both SMS Texting and Email Marketing have their advantages and disadvantages. And instead of asking the question, which is better, we need to be asking ourselves when we should use either medium of communication. Our team at Trumpia highly recommends using a multi channel approach - especially because our software is able to accomplish sending both types of messages. 


Keep in mind that at face value, both Text Marketing and Email Marketing present very clear pros and cons. While Email Marketing is a free resource, SMS texting has a proven track record with an open rate at nearly 99%, while Emails tend to have open rates at around 28%. This makes sense considering that everyone in the modern age has access to a cell phone, and quite frankly, reading a text message is so much easier than going through an email. Therefore, if you want to send a message with a lot of information and media, using Email is probably for the best. However, have people read your Emails and other important messages by linking them on your SMS texting blasts. 


Here are some creative ways you can use SMS texting and Email Marketing side by side from one another:


  • Offer mobile coupons and exclusive offers when people opt-in to your SMS texts. Especially with keyword technology, signing up for texts is a lot easier than signing up for emails. Once they subscribe, you can link emails where they can receive mobile coupons and discount codes. 


  • Summarize important messages in your texts. You can image SMS texts to be a TLDR summary, or even the hook into why your subscribers should read the important email. If people know that the information is important, they will be more likely to actually go and read everything.


  • Provide customer feedback and support using both mediums. You can set it up so that people who need help can text a keyword to a phone number. And once they ask for help, you can move it towards email if the conversation requires a lot of back and forth dialogue, saving you valuable credits that you can use for other messages.

These are some quick and easy ways you can start using both SMS texts and Email in conjunction with each other. If you need more ways to implement a multi-channel marketing strategy, try contacting our Account Managers who are here to support you!

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