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Text Messages You Should Avoid

Posted by Jason Park on Dec 29, 2021


Avoid and be wary of these text messaging scams just by following these steps below.

Like so many things in life, some people tend to ruin a good thing, even a technology as powerful and as capable as SMS texting, especially with Trumpia. And with all of your information available to so many different people, you are unfortunately susceptible to scammers and thieves who are trying to trick you into giving away everything you own. And while you may think you would never fall for these scams, you would be surprised how terrifying these kinds of text messages are when you do receive them.


Some of the messages are easier to spot as scams. Any text message you receive that asks you to sign in to something or share your credit card information will almost always be a scam. Avoid always sharing sensitive information about yourself if you can help it, and make sure any website you enter information in is secured. However, some messages are scarier because scammers are doing whatever it takes to get your information. If they ever threaten you with anything, make sure to ignore the message and report them to the police.

Even with all of these general signs, it is still difficult to tell if a message is a scam from time to time. Some other things you can look for is the following:

  • Really long phone numbers
  • SPAM messages
  • Any message that involves money, including refunds
  • Suspicious looking links

Avoid all of these things at all costs. If you do find that you have fallen into a scam, make sure that you do the following in order to minimize the damage as must as possible

  • Cancel credit cards if you have given away your information
  • Report any fraudulent activity or scams to service providers and the authority
  • Change any passwords and log in information 
  • Block the phone number that is trying to scam you. 


Do all in your power to prevent text messaging scams as much as possible. By following all of these practices, you are preventing yourself from getting tricked into these scams as much as possible. Learn more about scams and illegal activity especially by learning more about SPAM messaging. 

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