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7 Ways You Can Use SMS For Recruiting and Training

Posted by Doug Frazier on Jun 27, 2017
Text Messages To Recruit And Train Prospects

Successful companies know that finding the right person for the job is a costly investment in time and energy. Getting the best return on this investment is vital, and you want to make sure you hire the right candidates and that they are up to date on training and policy. Companies that are hesitant to adopt SMS for recruiting, so they might be missing out on opportunities to communicate with the fresh young talent graduating this Summer. 


Here are 7 ways that SMS can make hiring and training new employees a breeze:


Hiring qualified employees puts a business on the fast track to success. With all these top prospects graduating from universities, recruiting is more important than ever.

1. Attract Qualified Applicants

Texting is the easiest, quickest, and most widely used form of communication, especially with today’s technology obsessed college grads. With a 98% read rate, texting potential prospects will ensure job postings are seen and reduce the amount of time spent tirelessly searching for suitable applicants.

A great way of getting applicants to a job posting is by taking advantage of a keyword. Prospects can text into these text keywords and be added to a contact database, and then receive text notifications of future job openings.

Getting loads of applicants may seem productive, but you want to make sure that they are qualified. To effectively target qualified prospects, post multiple keywords for each specific department. This enables prospects to receive job openings that are relevant to their interests, work experience, and preferred department. Then sit back and watch as the number of qualified applicants soar!

2. Save Time With Automated Text Messages

You’ve collected a substantial number of applicants, great! The next step now is to contact these prospects to coordinate interview times, provide paperwork, and notify them of important deadlines.

A sophisticated SMS software like Trumpia can take reminders to a whole new level through text automation. Whenever someone opts into a keyword, automatically send them an application document with a deadline date. If an application deadline is near and a prospect hasn’t submitted their application, the system will automatically send them a reminder.

And with Zapier, you can sync your Google Calendar to automate the way you schedule interviews. Once a candidate identifies their preferred time, the system can automatically send them a confirmation, list of materials, and a text reminder the day before the interview. Avoiding missed interviews not only saves time but also guarantees that you don’t miss out on the best candidates.

3. Keep Applicants Informed With News and Information

SMS text messaging is a speedy way to share valuable information and news about your company to keep applicants’ eager to work with you. Better yet, send them relevant information based on the keyword they opted into. If they text the “Sales” keyword, they will receive information targeting those looking for a sales role, keeping applicants excited about everything your company has to offer.

4. Engage Applicants With Two-Way Communication

Applicants often have questions, concerns, and scheduling conflicts that need to be addressed. That’s why two-way text messaging makes resolving these issues much faster and easier. Applicants can ask questions, receive real-time answers, and notify potential employers of any issues that may arise.

Texting garners the highest response rate of any form of communication, boasting a 7.5 times higher rate than email. This means that scheduling interviews and answering questions via SMS is the best way to get results. By sending a text instead of a phone call, the candidate can respond on their own time while on the go.


Recruiting takes a lot of effort to do right, but training a new hire brings a whole new set of headaches. Employers need to provide employees with necessary materials, share essential information, and maintain a successful training program.

1. Save Time By Sending Study Materials

A huge chunk of the training process involves learning about the company, competitors, and daily responsibilities. Save crucial training time by sending study material to get them up to speed on their new position before their first day. That way, you can take full advantage of those first training days and successfully incorporate your new employees.

With SMS you are able to prepare your onboarding of employees by texting them information on what they need to bring for their first day. That way when the first day of training comes, your new workforce will be equipped and ready to work.

2. SMS Surveys and Evaluation Quizzes

Provide your new hires with the best training possible to get them up and running with daily tasks. If a training program didn’t produce the results you wanted, send out an SMS survey to employees to get their feedback on ways to improve the onboarding process.

Not sure if your new employee sufficiently grasped their new duties, company culture, or industry during training? You can send them a quick quiz to test their knowledge. Using reporting features, you can analyze their answers and quickly identify which candidates have mastered the material and see who may need additional training.

3. Guarantee Policy Changes Get Read

A thriving business knows that policy changes are an essential part of maximizing employee productivity and satisfaction. But what good is this adjustment if employees aren’t up to speed with changing policies? With text messaging, you can send policy change notifications to all employees links to the new policies, and with the highest read rate of any messaging channel, you can be sure they have seen your policy updates.

The number of qualified applicants you receive when you use SMS to recruit will feel like night and day compared to traditional methods. Click the image below to learn more about how text messaging can revolutionize how you find and train talent!

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