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Trumpia's SMS Texting Guide for Companies in the Entertainment Industry

Posted by Jason Park on Nov 10, 2021


Looking for a way to implement a SMS marketing strategy with your entertainment company? Look no further - read this blog to learn how!

Here at Trumpia, we are so grateful that the world is slowly returning to normalcy following COVID-19. While we shouldn’t take it for granted nor should we ignore proper safety protocols, we should celebrate the fact that so many industries that were suffering during the pandemic are now finally opening back up again. 


One industry that has finally been able to operate normally again is the entertainment industry. However, what is so cool with the entertainment industry, like so many other industries, is that it has completely transformed over the course of the pandemic. With so many things shifting virtually now, companies need to be taking advantage of all the ways they can capture new clients and customers. 


Start by simply marketing your business today. Whether they are event reminders or simple marketing campaigns, check out some of the best practices and skills when it comes to SMS marketing.



Other than a list of these resources, make sure that you are strategizing and building out your campaigns well. Without a solid plan, you are ensuring that you set yourself up for failure. Look into receiving help and quality feedback from our dedicated team, including our support team and our account managers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by going to our homepage!

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